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    Yep...its been one year since the TouchPad debuted. I don't know about you but we are going to celebrate. Please if you are in the neighborhood join us

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    Ok guys I am giving away 2 anniversary packs for the meet up. each one contains a touchpad, tp touchstone, a keyboard, a pre 3 and a touchstone. All in one basket with an enyo tshirt!!! Sign up soon and buy a raffle ticket (UPDATE: Raffle is cancelled, refunds are all done)

    HP webOS Meetup - Dallas, TX | Jul 21, 2012 - Meetup
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    Wow, been a long time. Have I missed out on much? Havent been able to find anything on a Dallas webOS meetup in a long time.

    How's everyone doing and have we had a meetup since this last one posted here?

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    No I haven't heard feom any one either. Miss the meetups but more of my Pre. Had to hove it up.

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