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    This is the first official meet of the new year and I would like as many of you to sign up as possible. There will be a device give away, I don't know what it will be...but Adam has told me its good. sign up quickly!!! There will be snacks and I web event with Inglorious Apps and I am trying to get someone on the ground. this is the rebirth of webOS.

    Giving away a Pre 3 and a TouchPad

    Dallas Tx HP webOS Community - Meetup

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    oh just so you know we are giving away a TouchPad and a Pre there!!!
    HP webOS Meetup - Dallas, TX | Jan 14, 2012 - Meetup
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    Awesome stuff!!! Dave making it up for this one?

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    Still waiting on my work schedule......

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    I wanna go.............
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    Looks pretty good

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