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    So this will probably end up being a monthly or bi-monthly meetup. Not formal, more a place for Devs and Users to meet up and share experiments, work in progress Apps or just socialize. Definitely different than the more formal events & I don't want to detract from them, expecially the one the next weekend in San Diego!

    There's no agenda and it's casual. I'll come up with a better and more catchy name for this later. Feel free to drop on by!

    Here's the details:

    Location: District 13
    District 13 - Hollywood - Los Angeles, CA

    nice enough place, all California beers on tap & sausages!

    Sunday the 14th of August, 1pm
    If you come earlier, the Hollywood farmers market is right there as well.
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    Nice Information. I think this meet up will be very nice.
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    Wow, I totally missed this. How did it go? Did anyone go?

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