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    Please sign up here and click "Count me in" on the Official HP webOS Meetup page for St. Louis: Saint Louis HP webOS Community - Meetup

    Follow all current and future webOS Meetups for St. Louis on Twitter:


    August 20, 2011
    12 PM to 5 PM (We can extend this with no problems if needed.)

    The Schlafly Tap Room
    2100 Locust St
    Saint Louis, MO 63103
    (314) 241-2337 (choose option 1)
    The Schlafly Tap Room | Schlafly Beer

    Yelp page: The Schlafly Tap Room - Downtown - Saint Louis, MO

    Bing Maps: Bing Maps - driving directions, routes, and traffic

    Google Maps: 2100 Locust St Saint Louis, MO 63103 - Google Maps

    OP: I know there's some STL webOSers out there, would any of you be interested in a meetup sometime. I figure we can meet at one of the many great brewpubs we have here. Beer, food, webOS, what could be better?
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    The husband and I may be interested, but it'll depend on the day of the week as we have pretty full schedules. I'd also throw out a location around Maryland Heights since it's pretty central. Sybergs, perhaps?

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    I'd love to hang out in St. Louis sometime...provided the Reds are in town, but I'd be lying if I didn't mention I'd love to see one come to Indy. Not only a great convention downtown, but great for small groups too.

    I'd love to see someone whose prominent with webOS come speak at one of our 'Hackers & Founders' (known as Verge) meetings. There are some great minds at work & it's the exact type of audience to get excited about future opportunities within webOS.

    Shameless plug (I've actually not been yet): Verge (Indianapolis, IN) - Meetup
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    Hmm, not sure if I'd consider the NW of STL to be central. I was hoping for something more downtown-ish, like Schlafly's. Maryland Heights is pretty far away for me. Unfortunately, I live in the Democratic People's Republic of Illinois.
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    Ah...well that explains it. I'm in St. Peters; on the opposite end of the spectrum.

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    Split the difference, I'm in Florissant
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    LOL! Amazingly enough, Florissant is almost exactly the same distance from me to Maryland Heights.
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    Hello from the mothership!

    Keep me informed as to how this develops
    The Developer is the Customer - Richard Kerris

    John Kneeland | Community & Developer Relations | Palm GBU | Hewlett-Packard Company

    Feel free to reach out to me! john.kneeland (at) palm
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    Also please all of you go and make your presence known at
    The Developer is the Customer - Richard Kerris

    John Kneeland | Community & Developer Relations | Palm GBU | Hewlett-Packard Company

    Feel free to reach out to me! john.kneeland (at) palm
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    Hi, John. I will make sure to swing by that Meetup page. I didn't know it existed, thanks.

    Let's make this happen. It'll be fun. Nerdin' it up with webOS and beer will be superb. Karla, I looked at that Sybergs place but could not find a beer list. I'll be honest, if they only have Bud, Coors, Miller, or some other horse urine on tap, I would have to avoid it. I just can't take those beers. I'm getting nauseous just thinking about them now...
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    I just created the St. Louis Meetup page. Saint Louis HP webOS Community - Meetup
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    I'll go if I'm in town.
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    All right, well let's do this on a Saturday in August. Weekdays are a total no-go for me and on Sundays a lot of folks attend mass or church and generally do family stuff.

    I have been to the Schlafly Bottleworks and The Schlafly Tap Room. Both were good. We have lots of places to choose from, really: Brewery Saint Louis (

    Any of those tickle your fancy? I'd need to call ahead, of course, to reserve a small room for us so we don't get in the way.
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    I looked at my calendar and I found that August 6, 13, or 20 work for me. The 27th won't work due to a conflict with my job. How about those dates?
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    I would consider going. It is a 5 hour drive, but St Louis is the closest meetup location for me so far. I'm not a developer, but I am a loyal webOS user and promoter.

    I agree that it needs to be a place with decent beer.
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    OK, Beverly. That sounds good. But man oh man, that's a long drive for you. Don't worry, I will choose a good brew place.

    Let's shoot for August 20 lunchtime. That gives everyone time to prepare and check their schedules for conflicts. And it gives us time to meet up for the afternoon and break early enough so people can get out and do their evening activities.

    I'm going to make calls to the downtown breweries and see if they have a room we could use for several hours.
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    I'll pencil it in! We may have family stuff on that date, but I'll do my best to get there!

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    I was trying to see if there was a group of developers that wanted to meet up and was trying to get it going on HP's Developer site, and said hey let me check Pre Central.

    I also live in IL..
    I may have to work on the 20th so would love to try and go..

    Hope it works out.
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    Try your best to get off work for the 20th. Or at least get off for part of the day.

    I'm going to be calling the various brewpubs this week. I figure we might get a small room. I don't know any devs, but since you're one, it would be great if you would talk about your webOS development. Nothing fancy, just a small informational talk.

    We'll definitely do this on the 20th. So mark your calendars!
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    Unfortunately if I have to work I won't be able to get out of this. I am not sure when I will find out for sure though. It may be mid week this week on sometime next weekend.
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