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    Hey guys! I wanted to give you the heads up that I ended up being triple-booked this day!

    I still plan to go to the event, but it'll only be for a short while. I feared I had family stuff, and it turns out I have a family reunion AND a 30th birthday celebration to attend. Fortunately, they all overlap a little, so I think I can make an appearance at the reunion, then head meet up with you guys for a few hours before heading to the birthday party. Whew!

    I may be a little late (1:00-1:30ish), but my husband and I should still make it. I hope you guys are still there by the time we arrive!

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    Oh we'll be there. Count on it. I'm glad you can stop by, no matter how much time you can spend with us.
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    Less than a week to go, folks! Sign up if you're coming and click "Count me in" on the Meetup page for STL.
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    The STL Meetup is still on!
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedtouch View Post
    The STL Meetup is still on!
    Good job! Still wish I could make it to that.
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    Just finished up a great webOS meetup. Thanks to Dan, Al, Curt, Karla, and David. A nice time was had by all, thanks for taking time out of your Saturday to drink some beer and have lunch with me. David, I never did get your email. Please message me on here or at webOSroundup, I have the same username at both places. That means you'll have to stop lurking! Or take a look at the comments of this meetup at HP webOS Meetup - Saint Louis, MO | Aug 20, 2011 - Meetup
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    It was good to meet all of you. Hope we have occasion to meet up again.
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    Indeed, it was great to meet you as well, Curt. I'm sure we'll do it again. In the picture starting on the left: David, Karla (soccerbud), Dan (Ohallord), Al, me, Curt (Knucklehead).
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    Thanks for posting the picture, Rob! It was truly great to meet everyone! Hopefully, we can all get together again soon with some good news (for a change).

    Also, I managed to find a new Pre 2 on eBay, so here's hoping I can FrankePre it to give me a little more time with webOS.

    Take care!

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    You're welcome. We'll definitely do it again. Nice to meet you out there.
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