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    Are there any Atlanta users that would like to meet up? I'm in the northern suburbs.
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    I'm in Columbia SC and I'd be interested in coming down possibly. If not I could maybe get a Charlotte meetup going
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    I'm in Duluth ... I'm in!
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    I'm shocked that there aren't more responses from metro atlanta. I know we can't be the only people.

    or I can just meet you at Frys and we can train the sales reps to demonstrate the TouchPad!
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    I don't frequent the forums too often unless I'm searching for help. But sure, this sounds cool. I'm in Roswell & keep toying with the idea of whether or not I should get into webOS programming. My skills are a little behind the times, so I could really benefit from some instruction or being someone's intern .
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    now we just need to find someone in atlanta that is a developer!
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    when & where?
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    nothing set up yet. Collecting interest.

    if there aren't many of us, we can just meet at chik-fil-a
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    Let's do it!! I'll make the drive form villa rica!!

    ...what ecxactly goes down in these meetings??? lol
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    I don't know, but we should certainly eat, and bring our gadgets!
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    I only wish I still lived in Marietta. You guys could meet up at my favorite Korean joint in the whole US: Il Mee Korean Restaurant - Marietta, GA 30062 | Metromix Atlanta

    Or just go to the Big Chicken and take pictures while getting fried chicken grease all over your webOS devices.
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    Well, at least we know there are at least 10 people in the Atlanta and surrounding area that have Pre's!
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    Does it count if I bring my deactivated pre?

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    Quote Originally Posted by txba539 View Post
    I'm in Duluth ... I'm in!
    I am in Duluth as well. Look forward to it.
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    I'm about two hours from the ATL. I would go to a meet up.
    In fact, I made a meetup for us: Let's go ATL!!!

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    Does it count if I bring my deactivated pre?
    bring it on. Is it bypassed yet? if not, I'll bring my laptop and we can go to town.
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    cool idea. Which direction from Atlanta are you?
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    I got my touchpad packed. Now where we going?
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    I would be interested. I live in Buckhead.
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    I'm up for it. In midtown by the park.
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    I'll definitely make the drive over from Montgomery if the timing works out.
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