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    Hey there everyone I was wondering of ther are any members from Detroit, St. Claire Shores, Eastpointe, Roseville, Warren, Harper Woods or any surrounding cities that might wanna try to get a group together for members that may need some local help with there phones or to get together and check out new hardware/software. Mybe just bull**** about how sweet WebOS is. Just a thought. Anyone interested just post in here. I'm not anticipating too many takers but thought I would post anyway.
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    OK, umm... St. Clair Shores is where I went to high school. If an event happens there, I will absolutely make the drive. Of course, there is that Midwest meetup that's still in the works....
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    Cool. I'm up for it. Michigan is always left out of those webOS meetups.
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    I would definitely be interested in a MI meetup. I know a couple of others who might as well.
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    I may be interested as I'm from just north of Detroit.
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    I'm in Grand Rapids, so Detroit is just a couple hours away. As long as it's after June 10th, I'm good :P
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    How does 3 weeks from today sound for everyone? I know a great spot in St. Clair Shores we can go to.
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    Sounds cool to me.
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    June 11? I'm fine with that.
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    I am definitely in! I live in Troy, MI.
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    Keep me posted!
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    I used to live in Monroe and then Wayne! I wish I could go! I moved to Puerto Rico a few years ago
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    Lol, yea... Puerto Rico is a bit far.

    For the rest of you that are interested - there used to be a bar/grille down on the water in St. Claire Shores near the park. Anyone know the name? I can't remember it for some reason.

    Also, do you think that's a good place for everyone to meet on the 11th at 5? Or we could go earlier in the day (and somewhere else).

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    I'm 100% in!!
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    I'm down by Metro
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    I like this! I'm from Sterling Heights, MI!
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    I'm from Royal Oak (live in Chicago, but I visit family in Rochester all the time). There may be some people from i3 who would be interested as well, might want to hit them up.

    I'm stupid. June 11th works.
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    I'm from Grand Rapids, so weekends would work the best. +1 for June 11
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    Are you guys going to volunteer for some community service and board up some more windows or tag cars that are up on blocks?
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    Sure. I'm in Livonia. I'd be there if time is right.
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