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    I vote for St Louis on the second round (but I would try to go to Chicago if that wins).
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    My vote is Chicago, though it's like the same distance b/t St. Louie and Chi-town from where I live.

    Hopefully I can convince my parents to let me go...
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    I vote for Indy.

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    I vote for Chicago! I would love to come to this event, but St. Louis would be a bit too far of a haul for my old car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Stiffler-Dean View Post
    OK, so we're coming up on the end of the week and need to find the host city. It's definitely between Chicago and St. Louis, with only one vote difference. I almost want to just say St. Louis, for the simple fact that several people can ONLY make it to St. Louis, and will not be able to go to an event in other cities. Also, because St. Louis is nearly dead center of the entire MidWest, it makes sense to go there (so that more people are within driving distance).

    So, last two days to vote before we decide: Do we want Chicago or St. Louis?
    Not sure about any others, but if it's St. Louis, don't think I can pull that there could be some who can't make a city, as compared to some who can only make a city. Just food for thought
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    St. Louis!

    KC would best though
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    This should actually take place in Peoria. Because the old adage goes, If it plays in Peoria, It'll play anywhere", which is what we want webOS to do right?
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    Last day for voting! If you know anyone else that would want to go to these events, have them come in to help us find a city. Down between Chicago and St. Louis.
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    Gotta vote Chicago -
    It's my home town, so duh,
    More hotels, easier public transit from either airport, plus, the awesome that is me

    Better pizza too.

    But I'm not really a dev, so I'd only get like half a vote..

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    so, who won?

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    Chicago is my vote.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Stiffler-Dean View Post
    Last day for voting! If you know anyone else that would want to go to these events, have them come in to help us find a city. Down between Chicago and St. Louis.
    Hey Tim, any updates. I'll help here I can.
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    I was just looking for this thread today.. glad it got bumped. Need to subscribe. Still hoping for St. Louis.
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    I know you said voting was over, but being from the Chicago area, when did that ever stop anyone?

    So yeah, I vote for Chicago.

    But I could probably go to St. Louis, depending on timing.
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    I know its late but Chicago for my vote. I live near Chicago so if you need help setting up I will do what I can you help out if the city is picked. I have a good idea where we could have it too. Tons of Hotels.
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    Quote Originally Posted by monkeyxplosion View Post
    Chicago is good for me, but I'd vote for Detroit.
    I live in Detroit so that's my vote! Hah. But seriously, that doesn't make much since as we're more difficult to get to and further north. Chicago would be cool, driving time wise, I'm not a huge fan of the city itself. Anywere I can get to in 3 hours on my Buell and I'm there!
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    nanoTechGames: @anotherguy Any news on the midwest webOS meetup?
    anotherguy: @nanoTechGames Coming. Having a hard time with some small details.
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    I'd honestly support a suburb instead of downtown. I hate the traffic.
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    Hey guys,

    Sorry for the very long delay. Trying to work out some of the other details of an event like this.

    Alright, so... Chicago definitely has more votes than St. Louis now. Which is side, cause I really wanted to go there. So Chicago it is, if you were planning on St. Louis or can't make it to Chicago, please leave a comment here so we can try to figure something out for you.

    Now to find a venue. I actually already know a perfect place. The guys at CMSExpo use it, and the neighborhood there is beautiful. It's not right downtown (just North, actually) but it's still a pretty busy area with a lot to do. Also, it's within a few minutes (driving) of downtown, so if you want to tourize the city, you can.

    Hilton Orrington Hotel
    Evanston, IL USA

    Are there any objections to this location? Any ideas for another place to go? Or should this be fine for everyone? I'll start getting some details together and find out what else we might need to do for this event.
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    Pumped for Chicago, so far everything sounds good.
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