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    how time has passed since the last day I was here. Nice to see that the forum is still online.

    I still use my Veer as main device and spent several months learning to configure a "local server". This was inspired by an article of a german magazine introducing YunoHost.

    In my opinion this is a very nice possibility to keep my webOS devices alive and connect them with other devices like my HP TouchPads (webOS and Android), my desktop computers (Linux and Windows), my Pebble watch and a Samsung Galaxy running with /e/ (preparing for the day when the last lights for webOS will go out).

    So I set up a Raspberry Pi in my local network as YunoHost server, only accessible from outside when using a VPN connection to my router.

    Here are the features the server is delivering:

    With Z-Push you get Exchange Active Sync running with webOS Mail, Calendar and Contacts. Contacts and events are synced over all devices (webOS, Linux, Windows, Android). Besides you can send emails to your family or to yourself (e.g. certificates or passwords). All sensitive data stays inside your house.

    Dokuwiki deliveres documentations and tutorials for your family and runs well in webOS browsers.

    Piwigo enables access to your familiy images without having to store them permanently on your device. The mobile page runs very well on webOS browsers. And again - all data stays in your home.

    Tiny Tiny RSS can be used well with Feed Spider on webOS. So you have access to your favorite news.

    You can set up a custom web App with FTPS access. I have set up a webspace to deliver my personal app feeds in Preware containing all apps I like or need and individual patches. This was a lot of work, but setting up a new webOS device is very easy now. Besides you can send Save/Restore files to your server and get them with other webOS devices using the scp command in wTerm.

    Pi-Hole keeps away a lot of ads from websites so your webOS browser gets faster.

    Kanboard delivers notifications for your tasks. There isn't an app for webOS and the webOS browser isn't handling the Kanboard site very well, but you get the notifications by local email so this is working fine for me.

    Airsonic serves your personal music archive that can be accessed by XO for webOS (just a little patch necessary). Unfortunately the Raspberry Pi (3B) is a little too weak for using this permanently. I think with the model 4 it will work well. YunoHost is not running on the RPi 4 at the moment.

    There are other great apps to implement that are not working perfect together with webOS like Nextcloud (WebDAV Client for webOS can access data but seems having some bugs for me), Wallabag (reading articles in the browser is possible, but could be better) or ulogger.

    I hope this report is delivering some ideas to improve the situation for webOS users. Maybe you have some ideas to make the list above even better.
    The most important thing for me is to keep my personal data under my control (if possible). This was one of the main reasons I started with webOS when the HP servers were shutting down

    Best regards,

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    There's more to tell:
    You can install an app Redirect in YunoHost. I do only have minimal knowledge in configuring a Nginx-Server.
    But if I edit the configuration file of this app into
    location /forecast {
    then I can get
    with my webOS devices by calling
    for an experimental app of mine that was broken when darksky stopped supporting TLSv1 like many other websites.
    (in general you can't call with a webOS device any more)

    Since you are able to install several instances of the Redirect app, there might be hope to get access to several services that are lost at the moment
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    We realised that if we did a port to Vulkan, which is a renderer that is used on phones and various other stuff, we get Mac support, we get Linux support, we get ...
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    nice introduce. it can let our pitiful webos device life longer.

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