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    Just curious.

    I hate the virtual keyboard on the Iphone. Has anyone created one for it that has the WebOS look and layout? Can it be done? I am not a coder but if it is possible it might be worth a try with the potential free time I might be facing.

    (Yes I would rather have a WebOS phone, especially a Veer or Pre3, but then again I had a BlackBerry Passport that I really miss so I have bad luck with phones I like.)

    Stay safe everybody.
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    As we all know, I think the iOS is locked down to a large extent: The so-called walled garden.

    I don't pay much attention, but I think there was a story about things loosening up a bit, but maybe that was the browser, not 3rd party KBs.

    Like Firefox being a skin over the Safari engine, but soon you can have full Firefox? Maybe they will allow 3rd party KBs or at least a webOS skin?

    There was a guide to customising Android to get it close to webOS...

    Here you go (by Shuswap): Guest Guide: Mimic webOS in Android | pivotCE
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    3rd party keyboards are available for iOS, so it's probably possible, but I don't know how feasible Homebrew is without a dev program membership.

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