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    Interesting info I saw popping up on LinkedIn about LG trying to move webOS into the auto industry.

    Well, this will be interesting to watch... what direction will LG push this and what kind of footing can they possibly get in the auto industry? Considering it is illegal (in the US at least) to have an active video screen on the dashboard while driving - that part of the video is nice dreaming (unless you are parked). Can LG actually get any type of adoption in that industry? I know I'm not optimistic about this being a huge challenger to Android and iOS in that arena. I'd enjoy being wrong on that!

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    I agree

    It’s nice to hear this type of news but I don’t see it coming into Floracion

    Wow I jumped the gun after seeing the video I can see a future of driverless cars adapting this as a way to entertain us.
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    Here’s some information on the connected car that LG was showing at CES. The writer for Tom’s Guide was super excited.

    “ This webOS-powered vehicle recognizes your face, senses your movements and entertains the crap out of you.”

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