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    Did anyone else notice any Palm Pre weirdness this evening (the evening of Jan 26)? I was expecting an email, so I went to check it on my current daily driver Pre 3. When I swiped to wake it up, I noticed that the battery indicator was not green and fully charged as usual, but instead down to about 72%, with the little lightning bolt indicating that it was charging. I checked it's positioning on the Touchstone, it seemed rock solid, and as I said it was charging. I checked my mail, picked it up, looked at it, shook it a few times, and put it back on the charger ... about 20 minutes later it was fully charged, and seemed fine. About 30 minutes later I was downstairs in my computer room and heard the familiar "ding ding" associated with sitting the phone on the charger, but I was downstairs and I usually can't hear the phone from down here. As I was headed upstairs to check, I noticed a glowing light in the corner of my game room, it was my old faithful Pre 2 which is simply sitting there plugged into a charge station, and turned completely off ... it was re-starting after the battery had fully drained. I watched as it re-started, checked the battery indicator, it was drained but fine, and on it's way back up. A couple of hours later I checked and it was fully charged.

    I have no idea what happened, but it seems rather unlikely that two Palm Pre's, a 2 and a 3, would experience such similar power issues in the same evening, especially since the Pre 2 hasn't been turned on in months. I suspect aliens, or perhaps some kind of Verizon network weirdness, though I'm about 99% certain the Pre 2 was completely shut down, even if it wasn't it's in airplane mode, so that only leaves the alien theory.

    Anyone else?
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    That is weird did you have any power issues in your home?

    Aliens know solid tech when they see them so you might be First Contact
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    Year 2038 problem
    I know webOS was ahead of it's time, but...

    Oh, wait! A lazy fix 20 years ago means the Y2K bug is taking down computers now ...but that was due on the 1st January.

    Nah, it was aliens!
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