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    Love em, or hate em, emojis are now part of human communication -- a return to hieroglyphs, maybe?

    As a result, using my Pre3 as a daily driver leaves me missing parts of conversations -- they just look like squares. I've been wondering for awhile if this is just a matter of filling in some missing data in the default webOS font (Prelude). Yesterday that theory seemed to get some confirmation; I got an emoji-laden text, and one them actually worked. It showed up as a simple stick figure, but it was something.

    So I sent myself the first 20 iOS emojis, and one of them -- a simple smiley -- showed up.

    Next up was to pull the font off my phone (from /usr/share/fonts), and see if this is something I can work on. I downloaded a couple open source TrueType font editors, opened the Prelude font, and went to work mangling the "a" character. Once re-exported as a .ttf I copied it back over to the Pre. Nothing happened right away, so I rebooted the phone, and was pleased to find my new ugly "a" all over the UI, including the Messaging app...

    Since that worked, I'm going to try to find the unicode characters for a couple common emojis, and see if I can fumble my way through adding them to the font. TrueType Fonts are vector art, which I suck at making (I'm a bitmapped icon maker from way back!) but if this works, maybe I can find a better source, and figure out how to patch it into the font.
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    This is awesome. Keep us posted.
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    I found an older thread on this topic, which I missed in my initial search, which would have saved me some time. Re-directing the conversation here:
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    Thanks for sharing this method jonwise

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