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    Accidentally came across this today. It will most likely run on Android but if it has some sort of skin to even mimmick webos it would be a welcome nowadays.
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    I know 5G networks are starting up. I assume they can be piggy-backed onto existing networks fairly easily, but will still take a while to roll out. That this phone doesn't appear to support 5G is disappointing, but if we assume the typical 2 year life, it may be that depending on where you live, you may not have 5G available anyway and this phone will do until that happens.

    Though there's not much information about other specs, the above suggests it's not a 'flagship'. But I wonder if any Palm device ever was. The Pre3 didn't have 4G, just fast 3G.

    It runs runs Android 8.1, so may be good for the upgrade to Android P.

    Given what we know, I'd say the criteria for judging this is:
    • Is the hardware good enough to run the OS smoothly?
    • Is there anything interesting about the H/W design? (we're basically talking keyboard here, but there could be some innovation) Or is it just another Android slab?
    • Does it run LuneOS? (or at this time, it means can the bootloader be unlocked so that LuneOS can be ported to it?)

    If it's yes to the last one, I'm interested. Add a keyboard, +1 as it beats the other options. If the H/W is good enough to run smoothly, then it may be worth getting until the next iteration can support the 5G that will then be widely available.
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    PreĀ³, the best PKB ever... the Luna interface gesture king of all time... I salivate... I do doubt if webOS will live in it since paucity of developer interest made it too isolated... there was a workable android for the TouchPad tablet but developer is long gone...

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