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    Hi, I downloaded a lot of files. For webOS from HP, for webOS from Palm and for webOS from LG, but I can not get any in Windows 10.

    Can you help me, please? I would like to try at least HP webOS. And then also that of LG, but especially that of HP.
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    What do you want an emulator for? To develop apps ? Or just to see what it is like?

    What are your specific installation problems?

    HP open-sourced the webOS code and it has been developed into LuneOS. It is still at alpha stage, but available for a number of devices.
    LuneOS September Stable Release: Decaf | pivotCE
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    It happened the same with me, I'll use the emulator to develop, I also have a TV with the system, but I believe it would be much easier to do tests using the emulator.
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    I solved reinstalling VirtualBox with the latest version.

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