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    I'm having trouble with connectivity, and very glad to see webosnation is still alive.

    But are any of you still using a device on T-Mo, and getting better than Edge speeds?

    Even though I've begrudgingly migrated to Android for my DD, my TPad and Veer are still my favorite Pandora streamers. The pad is on wifi no problem, but my Veer seems to only be receiving Edge now. I'm on epc.tmobile. I've tried wap.voicestream and fast.t-mobile, neither improve.

    Edit: just switched to internet2.voicestream per my own historical advice. No help.

    I've read that t-mo is phasing out UMTS service on certain bands, making me think t-mo is no longer an option for us without the 1700 band.

    Any input on this subject?

    Is everyone still getting H+ speeds through an ATT mvno? Suggestions are welcome for a carrier. If i can't get Pandora commercial free anymore, then it may finally be time to put the Veer to bed for good with my Pre3.

    I hope everyone is doing well. I miss the good ol days, i really do.
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    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!
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    Hey TJ! Was wondering about you recently. I don't have a T-mo sim anymore, so not sure about that, but I still get HSPA on Tracfone in my Pre3, and I think the Veer too even though it says 3G. I don't have an active Straight Talk sim anymore. I went to Tracfone pay as you go so I wouldn't have a monthly cost for something I only use as a testing or goofing around sim.
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    I've been searching for info on this for a few days, on Howard forums mostly.

    What I've learned is T-Mo is cutting into their H+ service as they spread LTE onto the 1900 band. That leaves anyone using a non-tmo phone with only Edge, unless it is LTE also.

    But I've heard plenty of people say they're getting H+ on ATT network whenever they lose LTE, so ATT and some of its mvnos are still an option for a Pre3 or Veer.

    I'm assuming everyone using these devices at all, are on ATT now. Not much feedback yet to confirm this besides you.

    So I'm stuck with Edge and of course no MMS if i stay on t-mo. Which technically it's barely ok for streaming Pandora, which works at 128kbps and I'm testing at 200 kbps.

    Not quite dial up speeds... Close though. Lame. But i can't really afford to switch. The t-mo card was a gift so free Edge will have to do.

    I also finally stopped receiving all Gmail via webOS apps; It keeps asking for ID checks so i just deleted the accounts. Are you still connected? I gave up.

    I kinda want to sell my devices because i could use $ but these are my old friends and i don't want to give them up. They're all in perfect condition still. I do feel bad my Pre3 is in a box. It's all still so depressing for me.

    All phone makers and carriers suck. I despise the whole industry now. Lol

    I hope all is well with you.
    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!
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    Don't give up! If nothing else, they are mementos of a better time. I think I'm going to swap to my FrankenPre2 for a little while here soon. I don't do it often as I hate having to take the modem out to activate it.

    Yes, still getting gmail on most all of my webOS devices. I have them all patched as needed, a couple different ways for testing both for the benefit of others here.
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    Wow. People are still here. Dropping in because my wife's Pre2 started having some battery problems and wondering if anyone had the cure.

    Grabber, you still doing those certificate update scripts?

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