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    I used to be a member here from launch and have owned all webOS devices over the years. However I made a move to Windows and the Lumia 1020 which I used for the last couple of years and recently broke.
    When going through my old device drawer to find a suitable replacement and came across my old Pre 2 which unfortunately is missing the metal part from the power switch, the ribbon to the volume buttons is broken and is physically rather battered. I also found my partners Pixi+ which has an unresponsive digitizer after accidentally using a touchpad power adapter which charging via touchstone.

    I have been looking on ebay for parts to repair the above phones but noticed that a new in box original Pre is cheaper than the parts needed for my Pre 2.

    With webOS 1.4.5 on the Pre would I still be able access email using hotmail and office 365? Not bothered about calendar or contact sync if they don't work.
    Would a meta doctor to 2.1.0 give me more usability in todays world? My only use for a phone really is calls, texts and access to the above mentioned email accounts.

    Thanks in advance for any help and advice.
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    1.4.5 should still work for what you need. The original Pre is limited in ram so 2.1.0 even with an overclock is only so good.
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    Thanks for the reply Alan.
    I'm currently back with my trusty old Nokia 7110 and Tungsten T at the moment and quite enjoying it.
    Will pick up one of these new in box units and give it a go on 1.4.5

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