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    Moto G5 + Moto G5 Plus hands-on: A little less convention, a little more action | Android Central

    Motorola just released the G5 and G5 Plus at MWC, and it looks like one of their features, called One Button Nav is the ability to use the fingerprint scanner as a gesture area (although it seems to be limited to the G5 Plus). Basically swiping left from the scanner does the exact same back gesture as webOS, swiping right takes you to the app switcher and tapping goes to the home screen. This is pretty cool coming from an OEM I was pretty ticked off about because of their lack of commitment to updates, but on paper One Button Nav actually looks quite impressive, although I'm willing to bet it's already been done before in one way or another by third party Android ROMs (and webOS, of course).

    What do you guys think?
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    Well the BlackBerry PRIV and upcoming BlackBerry KEYone also have physical keyboards with capacitive gesture support on the whole keyboard area. Sadly it isn't used intensively by the BB-Android and the devices have quite locked down, untill now, unrootable bootloaders.
    But TCL (also owning palm brand now) is now manufacturing the BlackBerry KEYone(and all other upcoming BB devices) so perhaps we can see an Alcatel (also a brand TCL owns) with a gesture keyboard in the future, that can be rooted.

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    I know both are still exceptions rather than the norm but between these devices and the support for some gestures on the fingerprint sensor of devices like the Pixel it's pretty cool (and funny) to see gestures slowly becoming more mainstream in Android.
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    I just saw this:

    Nokia with stock Android and capacitance buttons. I'm not 100% on capacitance. Does it just detect touch or can it do gestures? Presumably it can do areas, so moving from centre to one side could be measured as a gesture. It's apparently a reasonable mid-range device, so if it effectively has a gesture area (and can be unlocked), it could be a nice LuneOS phone.

    EDIT: I'm also seeing good things about Sonys, (more openess?) though it looks like it would be the virtual gesture area for this one:
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