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    I'll start by saying: I tried to search the forum but considering how old some of the threads are I have no idea what will actually work at this point in time!

    So sometime in 2014 (2013?) my beloved Veer's screen shattered spectacularly. I've been able to make do with an android since then... but a few weeks ago my idle ebay checking finally paid off and I'm the proud owner of a fresh panda Veer!

    Of course with the app catalog (long) gone, I'm having trouble getting back all of my original apps. I was able to find most through homebrew installations, but I fear some of my favorites may be lost to the sand of time... Is there any way to reinstall apps based on what's already installed on my old Veer?
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    I'm sure there's a way to get the apps off of your old phone if you can access it via USB, and someone here will be able to explain how to do it.

    In the meantime, most apps are available for download:

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    Hopefully it's in developer mode already, because you really need to be able to open a shell to copy all of what you need. I have zipped up (tarred actually) the apps and services directories to save apps. There are some files in a couple other directories for services, but I don't know how critical they are. I can post more details when I get home to my laptop.

    For apps with no services, it's pretty straightforward. You can copy them into the applications directory on the new device and it will see them on the next luna restart.

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    Also, to this without a pc, if you have preware and internalz pro installed, you can navigate to the app within internalz pro (master mode needs to be enabled ithink) email the app to yourself, download the attachment on the new phone and preware will install it

    Edit: I forgot one would have had to save the app by using the no delete patch, which I assume is not the case.
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    There is mention of a method from Metaview in the back up link below (see posts 8 &9). I believe it backs up the apps with current data (e.g. Game scores).
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    First, thanks for the quick replies, everyone! I'll try to see if my parents can ship me my old Veer and see if I can salvage any apps that aren't on that server already.

    Unfortunately, I fear I may have bricked my new Veer already... after messing around a bit yesterday installing and uninstalling apps through preware, I attempted to reboot it and it became stuck in an endless loop that cycles between the hp logo and the AT&T logo. (I left it trying to reboot all night)

    After a lot of trying, I finally managed to get it loaded as a recognized device in WebOS Quick Install.

    I'm thinking I'll probably be best off just wiping and starting anew, what steps should I take to reset it?
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    I wrote an update here but it says it needs to be approved by a moderator (otherwise I'd edit that post) but I wanted to say, thanks again for the links everyone! I managed to unbrick my new Veer (I think) and I'll be trying to restore as many of my old apps as I can via the link Shuswap posted.
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