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    But what is the point?

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    Basically this this contains all building blocks that we would need for a more modern browser on legacy webOS!

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    Yup! At least I hope so!

    Every time I tell myself to accept the inevitable decline something like this happens!

    I'll now be hitting F5 every few minutes until dkirker shows up...

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    Haha. Let's converge these two threads, please!

    So... I have been building up a laptop to replace my aging MacBook Pro from 2009 that is capped at 8GB of RAM and every other stupid limit Apple has put in. Hint: I am NOT replacing with another MBP, but in fact a Lenovo Thinkpad from the same era that I can upgrade to a quad-core, and 16GB of RAM, and more storage. So I am actually very excited about this! I have a small SSD in it now (about 20GB) for compiling sources (and a bonus 5GB of swap) and 16GB of RAM. Right now I am setting up the three different build environments (webOS-Internals SDK, Palm webOS SDK, and LuneOS build). But I am super stoked that someone has gotten the QT5 going. I'll follow up on the other thread to work out something that will put QT5 in a central location for use by other apps.

    I remember building QT4.8 for my last endeavor with the QT based web browser. But, that kinda fizziled (yay...). I still want to work out a way to do a sort of "drop in" replacement so that we can keep the web view. But, that will come second.

    Anyway, glad to see there is still interest! I still use my Pre3 as a daily driver (though the stupid Qualcomm crashes make that tough more than anything). I'm still interested myself.

    EDIT: Lenovo ThinkPad T420 for $100 in almost complete condition is by the way!
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    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    I'm finally using my Pre3 as my daily thanks to Sprint Google Voice integration. It's not perfect, but it provides the SMS relay that was missing and it can make calls using my Sprint number as well. The browser is the biggest limitation I really have with it, so I'd love to see a QT-based browser for it. What would the architecture look like? I've always believed the browser client/browserserver architecture was not the normal way of doing things when building a browser - is that right? It just felt like it created a lot of problems, particularly with the server process crashing, and I got the impression from Palm that's why the file input was never implemented.
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    I'm not sure. I'd like to *not* implement that, if I can. I think the issue with the crashes would be a result of bugs in WebKit. I imagine, what I would do is implement the web view plugin that just embeds the browser directly, and not through an IPC channel. The biggest limit is available RAM. (On a side note, the other thing that I am going to either "patch" or fully re-implement is the mms-service to fix the T-Mobile issue.)
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    oh oh oh, welcome to the tp (thinkpad) family, the 420 is still one of the classic build and that's a really good price. This side of the "pond" is not that easy to find good bargains.
    If you want also an x61t , I know of a pristine unit with still the original box, all docs, recovery discs, new battery, 3 pens, etc .. for prob less than 75$
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