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    It's 2016. webOS is hobbling along thanks to devs only and you're reading this. Why? What's keeping you here? Do you use webOS everyday or only some days?

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    I am using my Touchpad to install LuneOS, test out new features as well as music player and displaying photos.. as for the Pre3 and Veer.. nothing much to do with them. Occasionally boot up and enjoy it..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Morford View Post
    Do you use webOS everyday or only some days?
    FrankenPre2, is my cell phone Everyday... My 3 person shop uses 3 touchpads for browser based project management Everyday. I'll visit webOS nation most days for the foreseeable future. I consider myself very lucky to have this community that keeps these gizmos working!
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    I'm here because I love the community. I just don't feel at home anywhere else.
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    I've always enjoyed the community here. Occasionally I get to contribute. More often I learn and tweak and play around, and pride myself on keeping my "old" tablets running. And you were all nice to me when I started out, and I'm big on first impressions.

    Some of the apps have no equivalent in style or usability on Android. When I break one out at work, I like showing off some of the features the apps or webOS has that new phones and tablets still don't have. It's good to remind people that the wireless world we live in isn't just a two-option system.

    I don't use my Touchpads or Go's every day, but I still enjoy them when I do. Thanks to the rest of you for making that still possible.
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    I'm here for a few reasons: I started out with Palm devices, and lurk about in the old forums occasionally (I guess that's nostalgia); I think webOS remains the most elegant user interface created for mobile devices; and I'm following the development of LuneOS.

    Do I use webOS everyday? Not right now. I used my Pre3 from December to February, but I've been using my Q10 again lately. I like to switch. Always have. Fortunately, with EAS and Noted! still working on the Pre3, switching from one phone to another is a breeze.

    I agree with Grabber that this is a great community and with krotech about the app features. I still haven't found a podcast app that works as well as Gutenpodder, especially in the car. That "play all from here" feature is sheer genius. There's still nothing that compares to Preware out there either. F-Droid is a good open source repository for android (or BB10 for that matter), but it lacks patches, which limits your customization options.
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    Hi ,
    I use webOS every day. My daily driver is a Pre3, somtimes the Veer. I also use my TouchPad more then one time a day. For my needs is webOS all I want. My Zarafa Server together with a Exchange account is the best and save control for my contacts, tasks, calendar and email. Z-Push syncs them all over my webOS devices, stable since I have my Palm Pixi.

    I look at webOS Nation every day to catch news of webOS, look for new apps and give help if I can.

    Thanks to you all here, youre great.

    Greetings from Thüringen, Germany, daniel

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    My head board has a bit of a slant to it. I guess it's designed to make watching TV in bed a little easier. But i don't have a TV so the slant works another way for me. I have a Touchstone on each post. They just stick there, thanks to their awesome Gecko foot stuff.

    On one TS is my FrankenPre2. It's been my primary phone for years. Well - some version of it because I've rebuilt it many times. I've carried a Pre handset daily since release.

    On the other TS is a Veer, for which i have finally been able to obtain a spare, active SIM. It's now set up as a clone of the Pre2. I carry it on weekend nights purely for its performance as a conversation piece.

    On my dresser is my TPad on its TS. It's my clock, weather report station, and big view mail box. It's also my shower tunes device and long time backgammon opponent.

    I come HERE because there's NO WAY I'd be able to sustain these devices on my own. I'd have felt no choice but to forfeit them long ago.

    The creative and generous people here have kept my devices on life support for several years now. I owe them so much thanks. So i also come here just to stay in touch with the people i appreciate so much. On any day i may be able to return one of a thousand favors i owe.

    Just to illustrate how much people here have helped me...
    ... I'm using a Verizon Pre2 rebuilt with ATT Pre2 parts, on the Sprint network...which i occasionally put into airplane mode so it will forward calls to my ATT Veer that's on the TMobile network. Wha??

    Some day, its possible the remaining forum heroes will be gone. Until then, I'll be here helping to maintain a reason for them to keep coming back, by contributing positively to forum discussion.

    Hopefully it will continue for a long time.
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    Hi all,

    my daily driver is my Pre3 and I use my TP4G as my mp3 player and to surf besides work. I would not even own a TP4G without this forum and my Pre3 is happy with the new battery from Sumy.

    This community is great and I check every day for any news or rare opportunities where I can provide some help.

    In the beginning I had great plans to write some apps myself or fix problems, but I don't seem to find enough time to even start.

    Thanks to all for keeping my gadgets run!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Morford View Post
    It's 2016. webOS is hobbling along thanks to devs only and you're reading this. Why? What's keeping you here? Do you use webOS everyday or only some days?

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    I use my Touchpad for Internet browsing and checking email. I'll probably install Luneos at a later date. Just wish the Luneos team could get it working on CDMA since I'm on Sprint. I use a Blackberry Q10 for my phone. Only reason I'm not still using my Pre is because I couldn't get Navit to work on it. I had to have a working navigation app. WebOS is still the most fluid and intuitive UI in my opinion.
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    I love WebOS since the beginning.

    My Pre3 is the only Phone I use. It still works great. The only thing I miss is WhatsApp, everybody uses it, but I can't.

    I use my TouchPad every day for eMail, Webbrowsing und RSS Feedreader.

    There are sometimes problems with the outdated Browser, some webpages don't display right.

    I have a Nexus 4 for LuneOS, but the OS not ready for use.
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    I'am a webOS aficionado (Palm OS also). I use every day a Pre 3 and a Touchpad, I come here every day since the beginning.
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    Gotta say it's probably the same for most users here.

    webOS is great, should never have been scrapped and needed the devs to make it the no1 mobile (and other) OS.

    Sadly it didn't work out that way but the OS is still easy to use and does 'most' of what everyone needs.

    I switch between the Pre3 and no name Android and use the TP everyday.

    When LuneOS is viable - more so than webOS then maybe I'll take that route, but ATM my 2nd TP has LuneOS and Android 4.4 plus webOS LunaCE. And that's how it will stay!

    Without this site the world gets darker and colder . . .
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    I'm here because I have no where else to go and I feel like you guys are the only ones who will talk to me. And I have a phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by purplepansy View Post
    Only reason I'm not still using my Pre is because I couldn't get Navit to work on it. I had to have a working navigation app. WebOS is still the most fluid and intuitive UI in my opinion.
    I regularly use Navit on Pre3 and it works on Pre2 also. If you have an original Pre, you could consider trying a webOS 2.x upgrade or a newer handset.
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    I'm here because I love webOS & I'm curious about news in the system.

    My Pre³ now is only a phone for calls and e-mails. No more, no less...

    I really miss use Whatsapp in my webOS devices... so I have a Galaxy Note to other resources, but Android is not so good... there is apps a lot, but is not so good...

    In the end, I really don't know what I gonna do in a near future but; now, I'm living day by day...

    Best Regards...
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    I'm trapped here. [and I love this community!!]
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    I'm trapped here. [and I love this community!!]
    I've heard a new life awaits us in the Off-world colonies! A chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!

    They say it's special. No termination date. I don't know how long we'd have together... Who does?
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    I use my touchpad and pre3 every day. My tablet and phone sit on my desk on there wireless charges keeping me in contact with the outside world. They are the only smart items I use, even though my family members are all apple. This is the best place to keep up-to-date on anything WEBos. Lots of people here to help keep things running. I donate to anyone who has kept apps I use going in some manner. Thank you all for this forum.
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    I have to admit that I use a Pre/Veer only as a backup phone when my Samsung Note 3 is to big to carry around. But I use my Touchpad almost every day - it's my only 10" tablet and I never felt the urge to buy a newer one.
    Best regards,
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