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    The lost secrets of webOS | The Verge

    This might have been around before but thought some new members would like the read.

    Yes, that is a Britten super bike.
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    Seeing that just twists the knife again....especially with the likelihood that BB10 is on the way out. All I can hope is that Lune succeeds even just a little because an IOS/Android only market bites.

    And I am ignoring LG because it really does not seem all that likely they are going to expand outside the TV space. I hope that is an incorrect belief, but...
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    Apart from iOS and Android, there also still are Firefox, Ubuntu and Sailfish, Amazon's FireOS, M$ etc

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    Nothing new... sadly...
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    That is one of my favorite Verge pieces on webOS. Couple of them.
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dkirker View Post
    That is one of my favorite Verge pieces on webOS. Couple of them.
    And appropriately written by our past fearless leader at webOS Nation in the days - Dieter Bohn.
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