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    preemptive, before I would examine an att doctor.
    And there's no need to extract skype, given that the official ipk is linked some posts above :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    preemptive, before I would examine an att doctor.
    And there's no need to extract skype, given that the official ipk is linked some posts above :P
    Yes, that's very helpful.

    I just prefer having an original 'how-to' so that a couple of years later, the thread isn't bumped by people complaining about broken dropbox links. If the easy fix is gone, the original method can be used. Grabber5.0's new Gmail cert app is great, but if necessary, certs (for Gmail & other services) can still be obtained by using the method originally outlined for Yahoo (though the WOSQI / on device method is even simpler).

    Interestingly, this does suggest that downloading doctors for other regions and carriers might be of value - I think I only have the ones for my region. Or perhaps the just ROW/unlocked is the most 'complete' - that might be sufficient.
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    Mah, downloaded the 2.2.4 for att, and doesn't seem that different from the european one. I can see plenty of skype references inside (cannot say if as many as in the other).
    Given this, I'm a bit puzzled about the issue... think the idea of testing by doctoring ( and by checking a new device never activated ) has its merits.
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    At some point - before Skype was part of the doctor, Verizon only had their own service communicating with Skype. If I remember correctly it was only voice and working only over WiFi. Maybe this is why it's different in the doctors for Verizon's from all the others. But verizon were first in providing Skype in webOS - maybe in v. 2.1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    argh, my bad, skype is indeed downloaded after the first use, automatically.

    here's the package

    and the official bing maps package
    Thanks for saving me with the ipks for skype and Bing maps. Both were missing from my doctor installs. Seriously, you don't know how much this helps.

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    Checking my other 2 Pre3s.
    Phone 1, ATT, full erase, by passed after HP shutdown, on T-Mobile, no Skype in account setup.
    Phone 2, ATT, used before shutdown on T-Mobile, no sim now, on wifi, has Skype in account setup.
    Phone 3, ATT, used before shutdown on T-Mobile then pulled sim, on wifi, has Skype in account setup, Skype works.

    I used Phone 2 this morning to Skype my touchpad after setting up a Skype account on it, worked fine. I would like to leave phone 2 alone and work on phone 1 to get Skype back. Any suggestions on what to try first?

    Recap: My daily Pre3 (phone 4) did have Skype on it, checked it after seeing this thread and no Skype in account setup and the Skype account that is listed in the account settings is "not available". I am open for testing...
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    I think that an educated guess is :
    1) skype IS in the doctors but
    2) the first time usage app set it up, alongside some other bits here and there


    on my pre3


    while is NOT present in the 2.2.4 doctor. The appinfo.json says "skype version 1.0.1"
    There are 54 "stock" hp/palm apps in the /usr/palm/applications on my pre3, while there are 50 only inside the 2.2.4 doctor

    Present on the phone ( and missing in the doctor ) : ____________________________ this is the SIM Toolkit, located in the Extra tab

    so.... a proper activation was dowloading these 4 ipk and installing it in the background.
    wlmcustomlogin is "hidden" and described as "WLM custom login UI"

    Can you doublecheck on that pre3 with no skype, if the mobile hotspot app ( in the Extra tab) is missing ?
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    can you also test if the skype ipk I posted is effectively adding the full functionality to the phone that doesn't have skype as like in the other 2 activated phones ?
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    stock mobile hotspot is there.
    when opened it shows:
    webOS network E2:35:4D
    security is WPA/WPA2 Personal.
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    New addon ....Error downloading file , this was in the app catalog , but I was apparently unable to automatically download it.
    Has anyone managed to ? if yes, we would miss just the sim toolkit one (who cares I guess) and that mysterious wlmcustomlogin
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    Quote Originally Posted by KURT B View Post
    stock mobile hotspot is there.
    when opened it shows:
    webOS network E2:35:4D
    security is WPA/WPA2 Personal.
    I really don't see it inside the 2.2.4 eu doctor. will download and check the att one
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    phone 1, installed Skype.ipk, works perfect, app shows up in application, accounts, contacts can select Skype as carrier and add Skype name.

    I will now try it on my phone 4.
    I will look on the phone for the mobile hot spot and package it up?
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    yes, that's a good idea ( mobile hotspot ) (and then if someone managed to download the original ipk... ) : this is apparently used by
    "templateId": "",
    "loc_name": "Windows Live Messenger",
    Basically is for setting up Windows Live Messenger

    I think this package was actually enabled only if being a SFR (french provider) client, since it requires another ipk
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    phone 4, installed skype.ipk, all good, can't believe it!!!
    at lunch today I will pack up the hotspot and send it to you, pm me your email.

    rebooted phone 1 and Skype icon gone but everything else is still functioning like normal.
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    I feel a noob.... doing things in a hurry is always a bad thing.
    In the Row doctor, using 7zip, look for
    inside there are the missing ipks (that are maybe installed by the first time usage app) :
    skype , stk (sim toolkit) , mobilehotspot, wlmcustomlogin : APPS
    a SERVICE :
    the voice command packages for the various languages
    some packages for SFR (maybe we can add some services to our phones ?)
    palmcustomizationinfo-wr_1.0-3175_all.ipk : dunno, but may be required for a proper activation ?
    crotest-images_1.0-6_armv7.ipk : a set of IMAGES (buttons/arrows/etc)
    sweatshop-wr-mantaray_1.0-38_armv7.ipk what I think is the whole carriers db setup framework, + ringtones and wallpapers

    In an ATT doctor, look for
    There are the same apps for ATT, and ATT specific apps
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    Thanks Kurt , I think that the mobilehotspot is no more needed (see above).
    You may want to install the sim toolkit , if missing (from that archive in the doctor)
    Is voice dialing/command correctly working, on the 2 phones that had no skype ?
    All ringtones and wallpapers present ?
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    All there, and working on both.
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    IIRC, mobile hotspot was sort of available, but then withdrawn (or made an additional download) in places. I think this site may have urged users to get it before it vanished. I guess if you have 'unlimited data' in your contract, but your carrier doesn't really want you to use it, they won't want you to have the temptation of a mobile hotspot. Also, that & a VOIP app might not go down to well with the shareholders!

    There may be similar reasons for the other extras - like maybe a CDMA phone doesn't need a SIM toolkit.

    Good to know that those items are in the ROW unlocked doctor and that this issue appears to have a solution. I suppose the next step is to make a guide to adding these services back in after a doctor.
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    Preemptive, those items are in the ATT doctor, too

    Now the main question is just this ... in the doctors, in those separate tar files used when doing the first usage gig, the version of skype is 1.0.1 (both att and row)
    The ipk I snatched from the app catalog was 1.0.3... my phone never shown an update available for skype, and I think nor did yours.

    Back to the question : better to go with the included 1.0.1 , or with the 1.0.3 ?
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    is there a way to keep the Skype icon/app in the applications launcher there? If I reboot the phone the app goes away. Functionality is still there, just the icon is gone.
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