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    Quote Originally Posted by PrePixiLove View Post
    As the HP servers have been shutdown and there is no more cloud services, we all know the legacy webOS user base is shrinking.

    My question is (out of curiosity) which webOS device do you think is the most used currently ? The original Pre ? Pixi ? Veer ? TouchPad ? I think maybe TouchPad is the most popular webOS device currently in use, and I think the Pre 3 is the least popular (meaning it has the least amount of users).

    What you guys are thinking ?

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    I'm thinking the Touchpad is the most used device because of the fire sale. I use mine daily, and also still have a Pre- (my fourth). However, since the shut-down of the HP servers, I'm having to look for a new phone. I hate to have to move on. I was thinking about a Blackberry Classic since it has a physical keyboard, but Sprint doesn't carry it! AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile do. Sprint phone selection has always been inadequate in my opinion.
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    I can't understand why HP shutting down the servers forces anyone to move on. Everything still works except their catalog and backups, and I can live without both using community-supplied alternatives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by horzel View Post
    I wonder why not more people mention the Veer, looking at ebay sales, it was quite wide available as well, have just it for a long time, currently running a Franken Euro Pre 3 with amer 16 GB though

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    The Veer was the most solid phone I have used. I liked everything about it except the size, which was ok actually. Just web browsing and forms were a pain. But it was a rock solid build. My Pre 3 isn't as good quality as that little phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    I can't understand why HP shutting down the servers forces anyone to move on. Everything still works except their catalog and backups, and I can live without both using community-supplied alternatives.
    I agree with this. I think they would have moved on long before the shutdown if they were so inclined. If you were using the phone when the servers shut down, you are already eccentric and the servers shutting down mean nothing.

    What I'm saying is our little group has already been culled to the core. I don't think we will see many new users causally dropping by, but I'm comfortable with what we got here!
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    I agree ! I am very much satisfied with the small group of webOS we have here.

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    There's an interesting churn.

    As more people give up, and move away because they desire a state of the art smart phone,
    I see new posters here trying to activate a used webOS device to replace their flip phone.

    It reminds me of an old Marantz stereo I acquired once. It was like 15 years past its prime, but it was a top notch component and still rock solid. Loved that thing too!

    Old doesn't always supercede good.
    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!
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    Yes.. like most brilliantly engineered products, they were designed to far outlive the short-term 'fashions' that they likely - and usually unambiguously - began!

    Is the Veer the smallest ever hard KB 'smartphone'?

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    A couple years ago I would have said the Veer but now I'm guessing it's the TouchPad with the Pre3 have risen to be the second/third most common webOS phone due to mainly enthusiasts being on webOS now.
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    Just for another data point; my son saw a woman using a Touchpad (running webOS) on the bus just last week. Made me feel good.
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    The most popular device (at least in the us) was the original palm pre. I had a coworker who had one but switched to android couple years back. I saw a Cop with one at 7 eleven, and a girl in line at a club. I have never seen anyone with any of the other models, except for my coworker who I had convinced to go frankenpre, that don't really count
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    Up until this point it has been a trusty Verizon Pre 2. Bought a Touchpad that just arrived today. Old owner wiped webOS and had Lollipop installed on it. Although I don't hate Android, I didn't buy this tablet for Android! I used the handy dandy TPToolbox, wiped Android and reinstalled webOS using the webOS Doctor (which is still available on and am currently working on getting LuneOS installed.

    Once I get LuneOS installed, I'm set and I know that the Touchpad will be my new most used webOS device. Can't freaking wait!
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