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    I have officially activated my 12th Pre handset. I'm actually very excited about it.

    This is my 3rd FrankenPre, aka Sprint-ified Pre2. One of the primary shortcomings of the Pre2 is apparently the glass screen and its conflict with inertia. Both previous Frankens fell victim, literally, to falling on their faces. If you are going to drop this phone, try to get your foot under it so the glass does not fall flat-face-down.

    So the total count goes like this: first six PrPrPr&#$275$;$s$ $were$ $originals$ $that$ $went$ $through$ $the$ $infamous$ $refurb$ $loop$, $which$ $I$'$m$ $certain$ $included$ $no$ $actual$ $repairs$, $just$ $lots$ $of$ $postage$ $paid$ $envelopes$.

    The 7th Pre was one of the last new units available from Sprint, and it's that device's modem which continues with me today. I'm so glad I found that newly opened, official Sprint store, the day I got all demanding about last straws with refurbs.

    #8 was my first franken build. It was daunting, prying apart such nice devices, but thanks to this forum and the exceptional people at webOS Internals, I was convinced. It was awesome! For about a month. Then I dropped it.

    PrPrPr&#$275$; #$9$ (&$amp$; $10$) $were$ $my$ $trials$ $with$ $the$ $Pre3$ $model$. $Loved$ $that$ $phone$; $liked$ $having$ $a$ $spare$ $as$ $a$ $battery$ $charger$ $and$ $backup$, $but$ $didn$'$t$ $love$ $the$ $overhyped$ $T$-$MO$ $refarm$ $propaganda$, $nor$ $ATTs$ $data$ $plan$ $rates$. $I$ $sold$ $them$ $while$ $they$ $were$ $still$ $in$ $their$ $prime$ $and$ $made$ $the$ $choice$ $to$ $stick$ $with$ $Sprint$, $and$ $build$ #$11$.

    #11 has been in service a while now. It took revisiting my own build thread to realize it's been since 2012. It was definitely showing its age though. So when it jumped out of my pocket, I accepted it was due for retirement.

    Fortunately I had already bought #12 a while back. Unlike the previous two which were VZN models, this one is an unlocked GSM. Very young device, service-wise.

    I was leery about moving the modem yet again, to its fourth host, but I figured the only way to know if it's still good is to do it and observe if any bad habits migrate with it. I also was very doubtful of the CDMA subframe it was mounted to. Speaker/headset switching issues and no call audio were intermittent and I suspect the hardware in the subframe to be the design flaw causing these. Upon disassembly, the frame was physically cracked, and that was the final nail in its coffin. Instead, I opened up #8, and pilfered its subframe, which looked good.

    I assembled the hardware successfully, and went to meta-doctor. First attempt, it failed at 12%. Nooooo! OK, start again, and success! Powered up, signed into existing, boom: #12 is active and running at 2.10.

    Then I remembered that the catch with this meta-doctor is it takes an OTA update to get back up to 2.24. Hmmmm.... check for updates... it's available? Wow! Please begin!

    Awww... failed at first attempt. I rebooted, and went to get a drink. Surprisingly, when I returned it has already downloaded the update itself. Click install and do the happy dance.

    So it took me a day to reinstall everything, and that's a lot: Preware, uberkernel, apps from both catalogs, etc.
    Very lucky indeed that the servers are still serving at HP. I guess I owe someone over there a nod of gratitude. Even though I did have backup copies on hand, it was easier doing it the way it was intended.

    Coincidentally, a friend I traveled with several months ago, told me she found one of my phone batteries in a suitcase I borrowed. Since I numbered them all, I asked if it was #9, and it was. Welcome home, 9! I put it in the wall charger, and the light stayed green. Huh? The only way is if it's at 100%...nawww...I had to open the phone and confirm this... And sure enough, it was holding at 100% for several months. Dr.Battery app confirms it's practically brand new!

    So, new Pre2 and new battery, all fresh installs on apps, Google sync 0auth2 patch and global cert for MS exchange, everything is working. On Sprint with unlimited data. So far, no sign of any problems.

    I really owe a huge debt of gratitude to the folks who pioneered the Franken conversion, and the folks here who have made apps and patches which keep webOS still viable today. And this site's maintainers as well.

    I am so happy that I was not forced to finally migrate to some android device. I don't care about social media apps or 4G, as much as I do about webOS UI/UX, physical keyboard, and the unmistakable comfort of the river rock-shaped portrait slider design.

    I think I may start using the little orange/black fabric pouch that came with my first Pre. (Remember those?)I want #12 to last as long as possible.

    Thanks everyone.
    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!
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    I've got a few of those orange pouches.. I think the Pre2 is a little tighter fit due to the flat screen.
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    Nice! Are we going to have to update your username now?
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    I think that would be appropriate
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    Congrats on your new love-child frankenpre

    Talk about timing, huh? I wonder when the-thing-we-dare-not-speak-its-name will be shut down?

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    If you have to drop it, better to have the slider open...
    And I agree, pre2 is pretty smooth and well worth the trouble if its still good enough for you
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    Nice! Are we going to have to update your username now?
    Haha heck yeah! I looked in there, but I don't see it as editable in my profile settings.

    But you are welcome to update it if you have the ability, I think that would be outstanding!
    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TJs11thPre View Post
    Haha heck yeah! I looked in there, but I don't see it as editable in my profile settings.

    But you are welcome to update it if you have the ability, I think that would be outstanding!

    Only mod or admin can change your username.
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    Send an email to and they'll change your username.

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