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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    So you mean that they got rid also of the forum section that hp has related to webos devices ?


    for a moment you got me scared
    webOS Hardware and Software - HP Support Forum

    this still exists, luckily
    Never knew this existed. Interesting.
    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TJs11thPre View Post
    Never knew this existed. Interesting.
    That's because the support on this site is much better!

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    Probably true, but the admins on that section are normal people & webos addicts (beta testers, too). They were quick to monitor and answer in private, last I tried.
    I wonder if they're also here (somehow I doubt)
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    I would be pleased if the procedure works. It is really boring to get this backup-messages every day and i want to switch it off, if is it possible.
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    I am belatedly noticing my battery is draining exceedingly fast and when I attempt to Turn Off backup services Govnah tells me the CPU immediately goes back down to 300 MGHZ (from 1 GHZ). Anybody figure out a way to turn backup off permanently?

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    WebOS 2.1.0

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