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    I have about 6 new in box Pixi Plus phones as spares sitting in a box, all never activated. Will I be ok if I go through and activate each one (consecutively using the same phone number) and then just keep them turned off until they need activating?
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    The activation process establishes a Palm Profile which is stored on the HP/Palm servers. After the 15th, those servers will be switched off, so...

    Is there much point in doing this if you intend to (presumably) have six spares for your current phone?

    If you want to set them all up with individual profiles and download apps and such, then do so - NOW - I think the same number is irrelevant.

    After the 15th, it will not be possible to access profiles from any devices. You will have to rely on local backups or any community solutions.

    Some useful articles
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    As I understand it, no phones will be able to be activated after the 15th whether factory fresh or due to WebDoctor flashing, unless using activation bypass methods but those basically make the phone unusable for calls and such IIRC. So I'm thinking that I need to at least get the phones activated and past the profile step now so that I can just do an ESN swap when they are ready for use down the road.

    Is this correct logic, or am I not fully understanding how things will work after the 15th?
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    Note: I also intend to possibly sell one or more of the phones, so I was thinking that if I flashed to latest OS and got them past activation now, someone else would simply be able to do an ESN swap and start using it.
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    Hopefully, someone more knowledgeable will comment, but...

    It is possible to bypass activation and set up a device. Information here:
    WebOS Survival Kit - WebOS Internals suggests that is possible, but it is not clear if pre-existing (backed up) data from an activated device is required.


    Suggests you are correct that some process of carrier activation and the loading of data to access the palm profile and catalogue is performed. It states that mobile calls, data & SMS won't work without activation and is presumably why a SIM and carrier account are needed for first use. However, it may also be that inserting a sim into a fresh device activates the phone without reference to HP, losing the profile and app catalogue (which won't exist anyway) but allowing use of the mobile network (I don't know).

    This may be unnecessary for unlocked phones - at the time of launch the large American market involved a lot of carrier lock in and some CDMA phones will only work on some networks.

    In short, I'd still say as above, you may as well activate all these devices. I only have experience with unlocked phones and move a SIM card across multiple devices, so I think you should be OK to use a single SIM for them all and swap it out later (especially if you sell some). But I can't be sure.

    Once activated, you have some data you can back up and use to restore a phone. I expect there are ways to place data from elsewhere onto a fresh phone and enable.

    Maybe someone else can clarify this.
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    Unfortunately there are no SIMs with these Verizon devices, they are being activated on PagePlus via their customer support using a simple ESN change. It probably amounts to the same thing as swapping in a SIM card though.

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll probably just go ahead and flash + pre-activate them all now to be safe.
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    You should be able to use rhem without a palm profile afterthe 15th as well

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