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    I have just doctored my TP. In the past I had to reallocate memory because of the dreaded application database full. I had planned on doing it again but now I am rethinking that decision.

    If I do not sync my mail to the mail app, will I run out of space.
    I have a number of email addresses. They all go to my PC, phones, and Nexus7. I also can access them separately through the web. So I am now thinking of not having my TouchPad sync them.

    So the real question is: what else besides email eats up the memory?
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    The disk space used to create the mojodb, is variable depending on the size of the NAND, 8G getting 144MB, 16G getting 256MB, 32G getting 256MB, 64G getting 512MB.

    If you are talking about fixing the mojodb, I recommend, fixing it now...

    Although, I have never had this issue on my webOS Touchpad(s), but on my webOS Phone, yes.
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