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    I recently got a TouchPad to work. It is a very unique device that I will make sure to take proper care of.


    1. If you have a phone or tablet running Legacy webOS or LuneOS and you intend to continue using the system after the HP shutdown in 2015, post here. We're counting users, so you can count family & friends, but not devices, so if it's just you, it doesn't matter if you have a single pixi or a large collection.
    2. I'd ask people to post once only, but inevitably, some one will chime in with a comment, so we should number ourselves. Find the previous numbered post, add yourself and whoever you are also counting to the running total and leave the number out if you're posting again.
    3. Please quote these rules in your post so they remain visible to new posters and this thread works as a head count rather than dissolving into random comments.
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