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    Quote Originally Posted by oldpre2 View Post
    my pre 2 struck on HP logo. Any help is appreciated. thanks
    The 'still' logo or 'pulsing'? Your best bet is to search this forum for similar problems. Clearly the phone is trying to boot - that's better than a 'dead' phone. If the phone was in developer mode, you may be able to access it from a computer via USB. If you are unable to access or fully boot the phone, then you may have to look at using the webOS doctor to reinstall the operating system. Though files in the USB partition should be OK, the system will be over-written and you may lose app data such as PIM information or notes. There also remains the possibility that the failure to boot is due to some hardware problem. So read and research thoroughly and ask specific questions before attempting any fixes.
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    Pre3 is my main cell phone, and I use my Touchpad, offline mostly, for games, and sometimes online to lookup weather or quick info.

    My Pre3 recently started burning through the battery much faster than normal, sometime last year (summer 2017). I didn't update, except in minor ways, afer HP shutdown everything, and I think the phone is still searching for nonexisting capabilities, such as backup. When I try to turn off the backup capability, the function is grayed and won't complete. Any suggestions (pointers) for how to turn off functions that the phone may be searching for ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dudefoxlive View Post

    1. If you have a phone or tablet running Legacy webOS or LuneOS and you intend to continue using the system after the HP shutdown in 2015, post here. We're counting users, so you can count family & friends, but not devices, so if it's just you, it doesn't matter if you have a single pixi or a large collection.
    2. I'd ask people to post once only, but inevitably, some one will chime in with a comment, so we should number ourselves. Find the previous numbered post, add yourself and whoever you are also counting to the running total and leave the number out if you're posting again.
    3. Please quote these rules in your post so they remain visible to new posters and this thread works as a head count rather than dissolving into random comments.
    Tip: To reduce people posting the same numbers due to overlapping posts, quickly post your number only, then having secured your place in the webOS hall of fame, click edit to add your carefully considered remarks.
    • TouchPad 16GB with most of the "Service Pack" fixes.
    • Palm Pre+ as my daily driver
    • Hoping to pick up a Palm Pre3 4G this weekend

    Keeping my iPhone 6s as secondary, since I gotta have my Instagram fix, need to use Uber and Waze for work travel, and occasionally use a banking app, but otherwise, webOS is still a pretty capable platform!
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    Hey, i'm still using my veer as a second device. I'm loving it's small form. This year little veer got a new battery.
    Greetings from Germany.

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