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    I love my Pre3, but I use it less frequently than my Internet-based home phone. It's my only mobile phone, but I rarely use it outside. I also don't exploit the smart phone aspects much, mostly depending on my 2009 27" iMac. And, I use my HP Touch to look up things on the Web, if I'm reading a book (hardcopy), or watching TV. I may use it for simple toy games, which I don't play on my desktop - I'm not a gamer. What are my risks on Jan. 15 ?

    Also, is there a simpler self-backup? I haven't looked in about a month or so, when someone posted the first steps.

    BTW, I'm under the impression that iOS is slowly embracing some of the nicer WebOS functions and gestures?
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    I see what you mean, about the icons. The horizontal issue on that site appears also on this pc browser , btw

    ps, messaging emoticons are always displayed in my case (pre3)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    I see what you mean, about the icons. The horizontal issue on that site appears also on this pc browser , btw

    ps, messaging emoticons are always displayed in my case (pre3)
    Maybe the rectangle in messaging only happens from iphone users, not sure. I'm running 2.1 btw
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    2.2.4 , so the different version could be part of it. The only situation where I see icons as rectangles is when I add one to a message in mojowhatsup... for some seconds (it takes some seconds to load it)

    In your case probably they are using new emoticons that are not part of the set on the phone
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    Another problem with the browser and sometimes other programs, at least on my phone is images. Example home depot mobile site, the icons for search, cart, etc are displayed as just rectangles. This also happens to me in the messaging app. I get a message with a smiley face and it just shows the same rectangle thing.

    And for some reason sideways scrolling on mobile shopping sites don't work the result of webOS not having support for web fonts (.WOFF), and the sites not having a fallback mechanism for displaying icons using image tiles (aka "sprites") in a standard image format like .GIF or .PNG, when web fonts are not available.

    The advantage of using fonts for displaying icons is that icons will scale smoothly and accept any color, without having to be redrawn each time. Whereas in the past you may have needed to go back into Photoshop, re-size and possibly clean up the icon set, with font-based icons all you do is update the stylesheet, a 15-second job and the icons will re-render automatically. With the current trend in "flat" design, monochrome or solid-colored icons are in and fit well within the technical/design constraints of a font.

    And the reason we are seeing "missing character" boxes, is that those icon fonts have been configured to use the "dingbat" and "emoji" ranges of the Unicode charset. The default webOS fonts (Prelude for sans-serif, Times New Roman for serif and Courier New for monospace) don't have support for many symbols in those ranges and we don't have a dedicated Emoji font out-of-the-box either, unless an app like MojowhatsApp or another messenger has possibly added it as part of the installation.

    So, to whoever mentioned Twitter and iPhone users: yeah, same thing... various messenger app/services, which make use of "Emoji" to display emoticons use pretty much the same system expecting the user to already have an Emoji-capable font on their device.
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