Hi at all,

after my last crash (on the floor) of my beloved Pre2, it is time to replace it - by an other Pre2 :-D

The old Pre2 is still working, but finally has some "problems", like broken speakers plug, broken power-on switch and some other annoying things I don't know from my other devices.

So I intend to migrate everything from my old Pre2 to a new one, that includes all apps and data, including wifi profiles, text messages, notices, call history and so on.

The "new" Pre2 will not have a Palm profile anymore, I have all my apps as IPK, for NDrive including it's maps I found this http://forums.webosnation.com/webos-...ng-ndrive.html, e-mail is just IMAP, all my contacts and dates I have in my own cloud and saving/restoring the flash memory is no problem too.

There is already the "The Definitive Guide to Backing up and Restoring your webOS Device" The Definitive Guide to Backing up and Restoring your webOS Device | webOS Nation, but this and other guides always assume, that you also will restore your Palm profile on the new device.

So first step will be to save and restore the "Palm internal" data, like wifi profiles/passwords, text messages, call history, notices, book marks, what else is important and missing? With webOS 1.x it was possible just to save/restore one database file, as I remember this will not work for 2.x anymore?

I know that there are patches to save call history or text messages, but this is only a small part and I don't know how to restore them.

So any hints are appreciated :-)