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    Upon announcing the shutdown of cloud services and the deadline of 1st of November for app purchases we witnessed a rush of "app buying".

    What I would like to know: How high the generated turn-over was? Having a number of total sales in the last two weeks might boost the morale of all folks here and throughout the internet.

    I personally spent 20 €. There were lots who spent much more. Considering active users of this forum and estimating active webOS users not present in here I would take a shot at at least 2000 to 3000 users fitting the description. If each of them spent between 10 and 20 € or $ we are talking about approximately 20-30k.

    hm, maybe it isn’t that much of a morale boost

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    I like what you're suggesting.

    Something i wanted to suggest, was to place a poll on this site.

    Upon first visit to anywhere in this domain, be redirected to a single question, single answer poll.
    The poll asks you to confirm awareness of the Hp catalog shutdown. Once you reply to the poll, like all polls, you aren't redirected again.

    It should generate a count of people visiting this site without duplication. It would probably require either a cookie be set or login to track the user profile. Or simply a second question, have you already answered this? Which would void that poll query.

    Just thinking aloud like you. Personally I'm excited to see the increase in traffic here. I wonder if the site could post existing recent traffic data at least.
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    I put in about $80 before I ran out of space and didn't have time to clear and grab more :|
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    For me €22, add these to the €72 I had spent on the app catalog before the 2014 announcements
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    I had already bought nearly everything I needed or wanted. I think I spent another $10-15 before the deadline to support devs.
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    I grabbed what I think that I might use in future and spent 33,53 EUR.

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    I spent € 56,04 on stuff for my Pre3 and TP - mainly games

    Before I was only spending approx. € 10,- on a couple of things.

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