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    Hi everybody,

    I've had the email from HP come through that announced they are closing the servers and now I am in a panic as to what my plan of attack should be. If I could get some answers that would be very much appreciated

    My TouchPad's (I think it is activated but am going to check) browser doesn't work - is it broke on all TP or do I need an update/patch?

    I also have a Pre (de-registered), 2 x Pre2 (one registered) and a Pre3 (non-registered). Will my de-registered and non-registered devices be bricks after the HP servers are cut off in January?

    I can't find my Pre and Pre2 right now. Would it be best to try and buy apps and install them on the Pre2, or should I try to move the profile over to the Pre3 then buy them or set up a new profile on the Pre3 and buy them and merge profiles (if that is possible?!).

    Does webOS still support PhoneGap/Cordova apps?

    I'm also confused how lunaOS relates to open WebOS / HP webOS / LG webOS

    Thank you
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    Start here: HP to Shut Down Catalog and Cloud Services | pivotCE

    In short, your devices will all function normally until the 15th of January 2015. By that date, you should have backed up your data and moved anything in your Palm profiles to alternative services. The usual suspects are Google, Yahoo etc...

    Read this: WebOS Survival Kit - WebOS Internals

    What you will lose is the automatic backup of your profile data and some other stuff with the ability to restore it if needed, the ability to remotely wipe your device if lost or stolen and of course access to the app catalogue - including the record of apps you have paid for - so back these up too.

    After the 15th, your devices will still work perfectly well. As above, some functionality will go, but there are already people here investigating replacement services. These will be useful for the upcoming LuneOS, so this could be seen as an impetus to begin at least prototyping this stuff for now and the future.
    Information on LuneOS : Official Release of LuneOS and Project Updates | pivotCE
    Main project page: WebOS-Ports

    The only reason there might be for panic is that November 1st marks the end of the time you can buy apps. Some will be made available after, some definitely won't, so get what you want now to be sure.

    I'm not aware of any issues that affect all function of the browser - mine is fine. You could try detailing your problem to see if it is solvable.

    Here is a guide to setting up devices that have not been used in a while:
    Guide: Coming (Back) to webOS in 2014, Part 1 | pivotCE

    Phonegap / Cordova no longer supports webOS, but as the system hasn't changed since 2011, webOS will still support such apps that were built for it. webOS Ports have retained and maintain a copy for building new apps.
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    LuneOS is the new name for "Open webOS, webOS Ports Edition"...

    It's much more feature-complete, like an unbaked pie, versus the LG-maintained Open webOS, which is like a collection of ingredients... a cup of flour, a block of butter, a pint of cherries, etc.

    So it's quite promising, but still requires some work before it can be used as a "daily driver". And to give a more mobile OS-relevant analogy, it's like a work in progress build of CyanogenMod, versus an AOSP Android source release that doesn't even compile for lack of proprietary kernel patches that the manufacturer chose to withhold.
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    Thanks for the information Preemptive B-)
    Spent all day yesterday trying to do get my app catalogs working and gave up dejected. Had one last go today and finally git both Pre 3 and TP APs working Spent today buying paid apps and I think HP have just taken paid apps offline as I can't get Oh, The Huge Manatee! Just need to go through the rest of the steps now to backup things.

    Thanks for explaining that Remy X B) I'll try and get luneOS dual boot on the TP when I succesfully download and backup all the apps I want
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    You are getting to the game a little late, as many have been working on it for a few weeks.

    So catch your breath, and try to get caught up with us. It looks like we are all going to be OK if we do a little backing up locally, then be patient while the forum heroes work on building some alternatives. There's a lot of threads to read but progress has been quick in some so you can skip to the good parts.

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