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    Thanks everyone.

    I've fallen behind in updating this listing, but i'll do so ASAP
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    As time runs out for Nov 1st. here just a dump of Pre 2 bought json (edit later):


    Have to cross check but they should hopefully all be saved on HDD by using:

    Missing IPK: (only as mybackup tar.gz file as it seems they're removed fromcatalog)
    "com.datajog.webos" (2.4.0) only have 2.3.0 beta and 2.1.0
    "de.tamspalm.tractor", (that one hurts)

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    I'm the developer of WEBOS RDP - com.syllogithm.webosrdpc_0.3.2_all.ipk

    The store shutdown is giving me the kick in the pants I need move the code to github. There should be some movement on this in the next week or so (christmas break).
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    IPKs that I have:
    - Nova
    - Nova 2
    - BIA2
    - Duke Nukem 3D
    - Azada
    - Assassins Creed Altairs Chronicles
    - NFS Hot Pursuit
    - Beyond Ynth

    Wishlist (Games):
    - The Serpent of Isis (I guess this one is rare)
    - Blades of Fury
    - NFS Undercover
    - Aftermath XHD
    - Totemo HD
    - Toonwarz
    - Speed Forge Extreme
    - No Gravity
    - Avatar

    Wishlist (Apps):
    - Photo Effects Tablet Edition
    - Wallpaper Switcharoo HD
    - Glimpse
    - Splashtop Remote Desktop HD (Touchpad)
    - Clipboard (TouchPad)
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    Quote Originally Posted by DocJones View Post
    I have .ipks saved for the following apps that I bought:

    Flashcards 2.6.9
    Forums 1.2.5
    ReadOnTouch 3.0.0
    Tapnote 1.7.0 (already in your list though)
    ... and of the one game that I bought: Picross 1.2.5

    I also have Amigo2 2.3.2 saved. It was a paid app (music player) that was pulled from the app catalog some time ago.

    All the above are original .ipks saved using the nodeleteipk-patch.
    hello, any chance to get flashcards 2.6.9? The developer does not react.
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    I recently had to reset my Touchpad, and am having a really hard time finding AccuWeather. Honestly, I don't recall whether I had the free or paid version (I believe it was the free one, but I'd actually have to check my Palm receipts to be sure). Does anyone have a link?
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    here. Then look on this forum for the patch to get it to work

    You can find a lot of apps here,too
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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    Then look on this forum for the patch to get it to work
    The touchpad version actually still works out of the box (well, without location service of course, but that's Google's blame). It was the phone version that we patched.
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    hops, didn't know that there were 2 separate versions. I'm afraid I added here the phone one :S
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    @sidotij Any chance of getting the ipk for VPN PPTP ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nzpling View Post
    @sidotij Any chance of getting the ipk for VPN PPTP ?!SNlCBSDY!SsS8UdOE6...IjUsZAY27jzfws

    this one ?
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    does anyone still have the multitouch piano that works on a pre3 with webos 2.2.0 ?
    the 2.2.4 version is not working for me

    many many thanks !

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