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    hey guys !

    I really need your help, I got my Pre 2 but Facebook and maps refuse to install !

    Being Maps in the App Catalog won't install either !
    yes, I updated to the new root certificate. I'm on a verizon pre 2 with webOS 2.1.0

    it says « install failed » each time, I don't know what to do
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    Try this:

    You can set up webOS so it defaults to using it for map queries.
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    I don't mean to hijack this thread, but since we are having a conversation of problems of app installing on WebOS devices... Wanted to report that Skype recently has been having trouble signing into the service it keeps the circle spinning on the Touchpad(like trying to log in) but it never does. Hope that Microsoft didn't change anything to brake Skype synergy abilities.
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    Last week MS cut off older Skype clients.
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    I've fixed the issue....

    all it needed was three reboots but I'm sure something else was at play to fix the issue, too…

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