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    Yesterday when I saw Amazon's Fire Phone, it looked familiar and somehow related to webOS... It seems like Fire Phone drew some design language from WindsorNot and Sapphire and mixed them together




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    That were my thoughts as well.... Too bad it runs FireOS and not webOS :'( It's a quite slick phone
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    Yes, it is a nice phone. In the old days I was hoping that Amazon picks webOS as an OS for it's services.
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    The only thing I see that's cool about this phone is the 3-D display. That's pretty sweet
    Wonder if it will do better than Facebook's feeble attempt.

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    When I saw the teaser on the amazon, I thought, "Oh look are they going to release the WindsorNot?"
    Maybe we could attempt a port, and attempt to add functionality to the 4 3D cameras and make w3bDS
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    In my opinion Amazon really screwed this up. With the hardware and their software developers, they could have really pushed the envelope with webOS and differentiated themselves from the million other "me too" Android manufacturers. With this they're just another player but with webOS they could have been a game changer. I'm pretty disappointed.

    Note: I know. Reality is Amazon passed on webOS years ago. Just a few moments of "what if" thinking.
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    James Kendrick just posted a pretty good article about the new Amazon OS. Definitely worth the read!

    Fire OS: Better than Android for the masses

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