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    Hi there,

    I know it has been discussed before so lets cut to the chase.

    I want to sync my outlook calendar with my Pre3. I do not use a (company) exchange server. What options do I got (left)?

    i.e. Outlook <-> account <-> Pre3

    B) google
    Outlook <-> gsync <-> google account <-> Pre3

    C) CompanionLink
    I didn't want to have expenses. So I have no information and no aspiration in that respect.

    D) ... Yahoo?
    The thing is, I'm heavily using Yahoo (I know non the least better compared to google regarding private data and information etc.)
    So I got my Yahoo calendar back up running with the new Caldev Support (review post forthcoming) but the problem is, I can't get Outlook to sync with my yahoo account. The Yahoo solution doesn't work anymore and some thirdparty tool (EvoCollaborator) doesn't work either. (I know that that is more a question for a yahoo forum). But in case you have some intel, I'd be happy to hear.

    E) ... ?
    Are there any other options or do I have to choose between microsoft and google to sync my calendar?

    I would thank you very much for hints, comments or tipps.

    Best Joerg

    PS For my emails, I use pop3 and completely different mail accounts.
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    I'm far too many years out-of-date by now (had wandered onto P|C today out of nostalgia), but, for what it's worth, here's what the fine people at Chapura (now out of business) left as alternate PIM sync sites:

    CompanionLink Software: Sync calendar, contacts, tasks and notes to Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry - CompanionLink --> FYI, I tried this on my Android phone and didn't find the solution to be to my liking. BUT, I seem to recall they offer a 1 month trial period so it should be painless to find out what you think

    LivePIM Software: LivePIM Software - Data Conversion, Migration and Synchronization software lets you access Information Anywhere.

    Side-note: if it is only calendar (vs. full PIM) you're looking at, before going nuts on 3rd party sync solutions, I'd suggest thinking through how you want to use Outlook. For example:
    -Do you just want your calendar entries for this one account to show so you can overlay the data with other calendars (or for easy offline backup)? --> If yes, BTW, you can set up Outlook to download a read-only calendar conduit for GMail. This means Edit or Add would be via Browser and/or your phone.

    -Are you trying to establish bi-directional syncing so you can edit / add on Outlook & have it sync up to your phone? If so, I'd suggest looking into the sync solutions. I used Google calendar Sync back in the day, but, it's no longer available in the same fashion

    Good luck & enjoy WebOS while you have it!

    Palm History: Sony Clie T615C --> T|X --> Pre+ --> Pre3 Aspirations -->
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    I ran into this problem a couple months ago. Without an using an exchange server, I think your options limited to those that cost some money (I have not tried, though). Google no longer supports sync with Outlook without using a paid Google service. I decided to go with Companion Link which works pretty well - they also have a free trial. I have since changed to an Android phone, but I can still use Companion Link to sync with Google.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dgcorn View Post
    Google no longer supports sync with Outlook without using a paid Google service.
    Yes, the Google still support the free sync with Outlook.

    This version still work: Google Calendar Sync - Download - 4shared - John Rivera

    The Google only removed the file from his servers to download, but this client works very well...

    Best Regards...
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    Oh well, so I did the transistion and moved my calendar to

    It took few hours for everything having set up but now it works and I plan not thinking about it for a while.

    Only drawback - though syncs tasks with the taks app of webos it doesn't sync to outlook client on PC. This is quite a shame for these are both MS products.

    But well, what should I have expected using MS

    Best Joerg
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    I'm still running PocketMirror which I've had on all of my Pre's since 2009 and it's still working great, don't know if you can still get it though.

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