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    Updated the first post. Feel free to add links to useful fixes for common issues.
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    mmm, maybe add a link to the big upgrade patch for google (the one that updates the whole phone framework and allows to use the stock connector to access the calendar instead of using c+dav) ?
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    Was that actually posted? Can you find the thread? I think the general view (including that of the author) is that although this updates to v3 of the API, it is also not applicable to webOS 1.45 and C+DAV will connect to a range of services.

    However, a few people seem to have had problems with Cal DAV, so I'm happy to add it as another option.

    frantid...? Got a link? ;-)
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    in the signature below.
    French Pre3, UK Pre2, US Veer, German gsm Pre, 680, garmin ique 3600 & still have my working palm pilot 1000 with the 1 Mb adapter

    Please remove UberCalendar and google sync behavior patches prior to system updates.
    patch Google calendar sync behavior for 2.x.x and TouchPad (Oauth2 and advanced sync requirements enabled)
    Preference guide for MetaView's UberCalendar patch
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    Thanks. I've tidied up the list and added credits.

    Happy to add new patches, make corrections or updates.
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    Oh, you can remove the note about the GlobalSign updater not being in Preware now, since it finally is. Maybe just add a note that the updated cert does not work on 1.x any more, so you have to just accept the hotmail cert.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    Oh, you can remove the note about the GlobalSign updater not being in Preware now, since it finally is. Maybe just add a note that the updated cert does not work on 1.x any more, so you have to just accept the hotmail cert.
    Do you mean this? (probably can't be included in Preware) From HP.
    That relates to the app catalogue update (though I see the link leads to an unhelpful page now)

    The link to your update app is to the app gallery here on webOS Nation, but I could connect it to GlobalSign root certificate updater - Preware Catalog if you prefer.

    I'll add the note about 1.x.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    Do you mean this?

    That relates to the app catalogue update (though I see the link leads to an unhelpful page now)

    The link to your update app is to the app gallery here on webOS Nation, but I could connect it to GlobalSign root certificate updater - Preware Catalog if you prefer.

    I'll add the note about 1.x.
    Oh - you're right. On my phone it looked like that note was on the Global Sign updater.
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    Please note, Garfonso has updated the C+DAV patches.

    Direct link:

    Or go via the link in the first post of this thread to read the thread for this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TJs11thPre View Post
    This is true,

    But one of the things i wish were available was something more plug n play for new activations. Or something i could run that feels like a "tune up" for my in service for 3 years now, phone.

    Any one who is new to, or coming back to a webOS handset doesn't have to search long before figuring out that Preware is a necessity for this phone. And it's fairly straightforward to get it, use wosqi and install it.

    If Preware had a "premium subscription plan" available , people who wanted the additional support could pay a small fee for a guaranteed up to date patch that resolved all known must have fixes. Whoever volunteers to maintain the patch gets the funds, in case someone doesn't want to do it anymore. It could keep Preware from going obsolete and keep low tech webos users up to speed. I know there are tweaks i don't have implemented because I'm not sure how, and I've been here awhile.
    i could imagine to donate some money for some All-In-One Must-Have-patches SERVICEPACK in PreWare.
    I would throw 10 Euro to the pot.
    Let's start some fundraising to find a potential programmer to put together all necessary stuff.
    Who else?
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    I agree... well, this thread is standing in for that better solution!

    The main problem (in general) is that information is distributed in many places and on the forum, tends to quickly vanish into the past. Someone who buys a webOS device will either quickly assume it's close to useless or spend hours trawling for all the means to get it up and running.

    Lacking coding skills, most of what I've tried to do is gather information & links & point to anything relevant from one place. Aside from the links below, the best place to send people is pivotCE and specifically Brent Hunter's article: Guide: Coming (Back) to webOS in 2014, Part 1 | pivotCE. Of course, there is some great technical info on webOS Internals and it would be great if some of the techy stuff posted here could be written up for that site so it can be brought up to date and expanded.

    For a service pack, presumably a simple IPK could be created that does little but install everything else as dependencies (maybe it is also a guide to fixes that are performed by other means - manual settings or other downloads etc.)

    When a fix is updated or something new is added, the service pack is updated for a new download from Preware.

    Is that possible? Easy? A text file and a dependency list?
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    While I'm here, can anyone offer information regarding OpenSSL?

    1. The version in Preware has an unusual version number (presumably a fork). What is it's purpose & is it a good idea to install it? Made compatible with The Emergency Service Enabler to survive doctoring.
    I'd guess this survival is necessary only because this version is an upgrade on the stock version.

    2. If it's possible to install a or patch-in a new version of OpenSSL, how easy or difficult would it be to do so? Can we potentially upgrade this package whenever new versions are released?
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    After this conversation, it seems there is a possibility of webOS Ports offering a second patch feed to manually update the patch feed (since the hacking of the webOS Internals one). So, a service pack in some form may be possible without having to trawl the forums for the relevant or latest fix!

    Also, it would be a place for less critical modifications, so I will add a second section for those and begin in fitting style with Herrie's update of the 'Alarms - daily options' patch. When posting, check the patch isn't already in Preware (with the app or web search.) Please include the category (e.g. Calendar, Clock) and the webOS version to which he patch applies (1.4.5, 2.1.2, 2.2.4 or 3.0.5).

    Please help finding patches 'lost' in the depths of these forums and hopefully they will make it to Preware!

    (note: likely patches will have been posted after the 22nd of December 2013 when the patch portal was hacked, but there may be others that were never submitted.)
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    Added some hosts file changes to the first post.

    Host file stuff. The host file can override web addresses and send your device to where you want it to go.
    Edit your HOSTS file.
    Some of these are probably now irrelevant, but I noticed recently that on-device help was still working - Any use still? - Any use still? - redirects any request for the old address to Preware and WOSQI are now updated, but this may still have some use. - I think this is the on-device help.
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    I was just wondering, what exactly the state of play is with the webOS Internals patch portal?

    If it is no longer possible to add patches (and we need them just to maintain functionality now), an interim solution would be to make a thread. Users can post patches and the links can be formatted / categorised in the first post.

    It's not a startlingly original idea - I'm sure there are other threads for devices or types of patch. It would just be a practical one-stop shop in lieu of a better solution.

    If the portal is actually fixed, then we need to publicise this a bit...
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    Added the GMX mail issue (the same fix works).
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    Grabber5.0's patch to fix https connectivity is now apparently obsolete (but don't uninstall it yet!).
    I haven't carefully considered all the implications (it's late), but roughly there are three four Google services using synergy:
    1. Gmail
    2. Contacts
    3. Calendar
    4. Gtalk (apparently not working at the moment for new accounts)

    (my understanding...)
    Existing Accounts
    So for 1+2, existing accounts are already authorised. Leave the patch as is and it will still work.
    Use C+DAV for 3 OR use frantid's APIv3 patch for Google access ONLY and do not use the C+DAV patches (but you can still use the C+DAV app for alternate calendar accounts).

    New / Updated Accounts
    Any new Google 1+2 accounts (and presumably, password changes) REQUIRE frantid's patch (and prior removal of Grabber5.0's patch). If using 3, this patch also allows that to work. Again, C+DAV (without the conflicting patches) can be used for other calendars.
    (...end of my understanding)

    So... aside from not touching anything for now, when a user updates their Google password or makes a new account / sets it up on the webOS device, Is it best just to install frantid's patch for everything? C+DAV can then be used for other accounts if required or left out if a user is 'Google only'.

    Can anyone confirm, deny or clarify the above so I can make sure the instructions are clear? Maybe C+DAV is needed for contacts?
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    Well, either option will work for contacts and calendar. I haven't confirmed it, but I think gtalk will work when using frantid's patch. For email, I was able to add my account as a generic IMAP account on the Touchpad that I was working with. I'll be back after I test gtalk. Edit: I don't think gtalk works. It shows the account, but when I try to change my status, it says to add a messaging account.
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    Hmmm. Yes, I guess either will work and C+DAV has more options, but if the Google APIv3 patch is now required for email in future (and a user is only using Google for calendar), the simplest option might be to install that ONLY, though this might mean Garfonso loses out on potential testers...

    OTOH, C+DAV might be best for those using a mix of calendar & contacts services...

    OR just install both (assuming it's not a big overhead of CPU or space), but then it needs to be clear exactly what patches do and do not need to be installed.

    On the gtalk front, would eblade be able to help? EDIT: Oh, I read on the other thread that you don't use it much, so I'll send him a tweet.
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