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    Contacts I was able to transfer at a at&t device center. But for the life of mine i cannot figure out how to export the memos and to do lists.

    I tried syncing with windows 7, and tried the aceeca driver, doesn't work. Tried with win XP, doesn't work. How am supposed to get my info out????
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    Export Notes | webOS Nation
    Export Notes | Mobo Mobile Apps

    I don't know about the to do list - never use it. I also don't know about syncing, but you can at least extract your memos and then perhaps import them into whatever you are using on Android.
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    So to be clear, we are talking about a Pixi, probably on webOS 1.4.5 or something else older than webOS 2.1, right? That will affect how you go about things. If you don't have too many, moving them to a service that supports task syncing on webOS is the easiest option. Just open each task and move it to a list on a cloud account. I haven't used to-dos on webOS 1.x in a while, but on my 2.x devices, I seem to be limited to Hotmail or Exchange (which I cannot test anymore as my work EAS blocks Palm devices now) as something I can sync tasks to, but only to the default list (for Hotmail at least). If you have multiple task lists on your phone, it means they all have to get put into a single list.

    Another option on webOS 1.x to at least 'get them out' is to copy the db with everything in it to a PC and use an SQLite tool to get the data out - but then how to put it somewhere else? Could go lots of ways. Copy and paste is a crude manual option. I haven't done it in a while so I can't remember the location or name of that file offhand. If you want it, someone can find it.
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    thanks for the replies! finally after a week scouring the web, now at least i feel like i''m moving somewhere!

    yes, i have a pixi with webos version 1.4.5.

    i might just slowly email myself the notes; i don't have that many important ones.

    more importantt for me is the To do list, i have a lot of importatnt things there
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    According to this old thread, you can sync to exchange...

    If you have Internalz Pro, you could create a text file in your media/Internal (USB drive) area. Open your memos and with a finger on the gesture area, press 'A' to select all, then 'C' to copy. Then you could paste each memo to the text file fairly quickly and take it off via USB. I use ClassicNote which has the option to backup all memos to a CSV file... but it seems you are leaving webOS... :-(

    You say you have done the contacts, but here is a method that creates a .vcf file on your USB area. This is the standard format, so almost any proper contacts program or service will import it - or you can just keep it as a back up.
    Export all your contacts | webOS Nation

    More on backing up here:
    The Definitive Guide to Backing up and Restoring your webOS Device | webOS Nation
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