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    You may want to check your calendar..

    Very well written, I must say.
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    That pisses me off if this is an April fools thing
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    I can't believe you actually fell for it! ;-) Did you not see the Apotheker Interview before it?
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    Sorry. This just confirmed via twitter its fake. I fell for it. I am not amused one bit.
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    Yeah, I am an *****. There are something's I don't like jokes about and webos living isn't one of them. Again, sorry for the false alarm
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    Ha! Yeah, the tags ought to have been a hint too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ananimus View Post
    Ha! Yeah, the tags ought to have been a hint too.
    I agree I was a moron. But, just like a guy in a wheel chair looking for a cure so he can walk again, I fall for stuff like that.

    Back to my windows phone.
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    April`s fool day
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    I don't know how I would feel about Google touching webOS at this point. Let's just face it, webOS is dead. Only LG has a real chance at reviving the platform and they don't seem all that eager to do so.
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    This one was done yesterday too but it's a typo :
    BlackBerry issues an new webOS update for PlayBookGoMo News

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