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    I have't been able to find any direct references to the issue that seems to be annoying me lately, and I am curious if others are having the same problem or have a solution that I am not aware of..

    I am receiving a significant number of "Trust Security Certificate ?" pop-ups when using the built in web browser for sites like facebook, ebay, etc. Additionally I see this fairly consistently when using imgur. The indication is always the same "The security certificates sent has some invalid information. Connecting to this site ......."

    Excluding the imgur certificates the other certificates are coming from advertisers so it hasn't really impacted my browsing, however it is a relatively new occurrence, and provides some annoyance. I am curious if others have had the same or similar experience and if there may be a solution, (other than avoid web-browsing on the Touchpad).

    Now some background, this is a fully functional (i.e. no other problems) Touchpad running 3.0.5. The problem started about a month ago, I have even swapped hardware, (i.e. different Touchpad same profile) and the problem still persists. This very well could just be the signs of platform out of its prime, but I thought I would just check in case I am missing something. Thanks..
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    I haven't figured out the deal with the Facebook certificates. I've been opening Facebook in the browser after doctoring a phone and accepting one or two certificates. One you trust them, it shouldn't keep hassling you, unless you just tap trust once.
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    Do you mean just the annoying, constant questions about every certificate that floats through the browser? Yes. I remember having this issue on I think both the Pre 3 and my briefly owned Veer when I first got them.

    Don't know that it's related to the other cert issues. Just that the browser wanted you to confirm every single cert, and it WAS annoying. Especially since yeah, even the ad companies all send certs!

    I remember looking into this when I was seeing it all the time. I guess I found a thread here about it, because mine doesn't do that anymore. Maybe it was as simple as saying "Trust Always" several times until it quieted down.

    But now I can't find the thread. Searching about certs brings up all of Matt's threads about missing certs.

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