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    Don't worry, this isn't the billions thread about certificate problems, after reinstall #webOS ;-) :-P

    I've experienced trouble with AppCat.
    Three examples:
    1) Zap Photoshare: the last update is shown on my TouchPad Go (Kind of developer Account) bit not in regular AppCat.
    2) A new App with name Air Radar is shown on my TPgo and with help of App Tuckerbox in Preware, but it isn't shown in my AppCat
    3) the last update of Explorer for Dropbox is shown on my TPgo (Version 1.0.1) but it's not visible in Preware or AppCat.

    In general I've got the impression, that the AppCat approval only one time per month happens.

    What is your experience?
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    You can use Pattyland's search page to double check:
    App Catalog Search
    Air Radar | App Catalog Search Can't see that one.

    Could it be an issue around your location or the device the catalogue thinks you are accesssing with?
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    Thx Preemptive. Pattylands page is something new for me :-)
    Air Radar is visible in Preware with help of App Tuckerbox.

    And I can't check it weather it is a problem of device, because nearly all of my devices are in the same profile.
    I'm sure, it's not a country /local problem because all apps are provided for my country (Germany)

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