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    The thing with a homebrew "guru" doing a new doctor that's guerilla or pseudo official, is that with every webOS iteration there have always been additional bugs introduced and broken items that were working previously, patches not withstanding, it always seems a vicious cycle with software development requiring additional alpha and beta testing and not everything gets caught, that's not saying it can't be done, I know our homebrew community is so amazingly talented it's ridiculous, from lunaCE to meta doctors to patches. Though few of us webOS diehards are still kicking and actively using our devices daily, my touchpads have never seen android and don't plan to have it on my pre3, we are a very needy group, I know in the past there have been developers who've gone quiet or just stopped projects due to the constant chatter, incessant pedantry and the dogmatists. I can only imagine the work going on behind closed doors, the works in progress, projects sitting on computers/ servers just waiting to be picked back up, that magic that might be sitting on their own devices. As amazingly awesome it would be to have a new official release to fix items, why put additional stress on our beloved developers who really aren't getting paid to do any of this, granted some of us may have donated, and show our appreciation, the ones that are active and capable already have their hands full, most working on open webOS, we've lost a lot of great members to the apotheclypse and time. I would hate to have hopes get so high, ACL anyone, and nothing really tangible or useful comes to fruition, or have to be halted due to legalities and the bellows of a greedy corporation who wowed us with wonder and promises of innovation, and a hands off approach to our beloved Palm and webOS only to kill it as soon as it saw that innovation cost actual money, sorry my little HP rant. Only time will tell, those of us that are left are obviously a patient bunch, with all of the dreaded in "coming months" we've heard in the past, we'll see if LG shows us any love, and what webOS ports has, in time

    Tl:dr can't squeeze blood from a stone

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    Don't worry - I can promise HP will not release a new webOS version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    Don't worry - I can promise HP will not release a new webOS version.
    and that's the good news!
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    I think as far as HP is concerned, the entire WebOS incident never happened. Although it was still a twist of the knife when I helped my neighbor install her new HP printer last week and all through the install it showed graphics of Pres and Veers and how they will work so well with your new HP wireless printer. She has had the printer for a few months but I downloaded the installation program from HP's site and they have obviously never changed it. The what might have been was such a bummer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cbosdell View Post
    I really would like a doctor that includes the root certificate fix and maybe a few other things but I know that's not very likely. These days I'm just happy when stuff doesn't break or a fix is released to keep things running.
    A doctor that brings in the root cert would be a godsend. That thing is fiddly as hell to get installed!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TJs11thPre View Post
    I'd suggest common sense is the final arbiter. There are problems with 2.2.4 that, if HP still supported webOS, would have addressed with an OTA update. That is what I want. A "final version" that fixes what was missing.

    You'll still personalize the phone. But it would be on top of a fresh doctoring that finally eliminates the bugs HP never got.
    Yeah I agree 2.2.4 I dont like. Aways doctor to 2.1 and kill of the update with internalz pro. There are just more patches, especially no video pause works better on 2.1 and I really dont like how 2.4 makes my contact photo on calls look distorted. I dont see any benefit except for skype and I don't need that

    By the way thats a lot of free tether. I considered dropping comcast and just use that but I cant get the speed inside my house like I can at work. I mean at work it seems to load web pages just as fast as cable does. Sprint unlimited rocks tho
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    Funny this should come up.. I decided to go back to 2.1 on my FrankenPre2 today because it was getting sluggish on 2.2.4.
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