lately i've noticed that toggling wifi or BT from the device menu (swipe down at top right corner) may not work right. it will show 'on' or 'off' differently than what it says if i open the wifi or BT app itself.

this happens more with the BT than the wifi but both have done same.

often it will show the BT icon with full white circle as paired, even after turning headset off. sometimes it seems the phone didn't notice it lost its pairing.

it can either show it's 'on' in the menu but shows it's 'off' in the app, OR, shows it's off in the menu but shows on and is "spiraling" like it's stuck trying to turn off.

sometimes it will eventually synch up and show all 'off'. then i can turn on and it works normal.

but sometimes i've put into airplane mode, yet the icon will STILL stay lit. take out of ap mode no change. this then requires shutdown.

i pretty much avoid the toggles in the menu now fearing they'll misbehave, so i always toggle from within their apps. suggestions? reasons why? is it something up with that device menu?

this is Pre2, 2.2.4 franken spr-vzn metadr.

thanks in advance for any info