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    Quote Originally Posted by RumoredNow View Post
    Can't wait to see what they unveil.
    Here it is
    Let hope this leads to a smartphone

    HP Think Beyond event link
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    Washington Post confirms all the LG new 5 OLED models will run webOS

    CES 2014: LG to announce five OLED TVs - The Washington Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    They need to make the remote just like a webos phone which mimics what is on the tv, and it would have the same gestures we have now to control it.. but I bet they wont do it. Probly a lot of voice and hand gestures to make to feel silly

    Ps. not a fan of touchpad webos either. Couldn't even see what's in the stack, complete waste of time until lunace fixed it
    The stacks aren't exactly the best part of the interface. It is nice for apps that are multiple windows, though.

    Quote Originally Posted by mdram View Post
    I'm sure they will...question is how do we strip the code to load it on the Pre 3?
    Well, I like your attitude.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason2004 View Post
    The idea that WebOS TV as the hub is wonderful and I love it, just like I always love WebOS. However, from a pessimistic point of a view, even if WebOS TV is successful and popular, due to the lack of app ecosystem, Android will copy the feature and eventually dominate the TV market. I do hope I am totally wrong, though.
    Not sure google will dominate smart tvs so readily. When google wrote android, there was no one around to challenge apple. The hardware OEMs and big name manufacturers like Samsung didn't have any experience building mobile os software so they saw the potential prize and profits and used android as a shortcut into mobile market. For the successful ones, that's been billions in profit.
    Lg and Samsung already have their strength in consumer tvs and electronics. They don't need google to do all the work for them. For LG, it made sense. Pay minimal dollar amount for Palm's expertise and add some differentiators for their big international tv and consumer electronics market. Embrace Google too closely and all your rivals will be running the same thing including cheap Chinese tv manufacturers and for cheaper. Or maybe worse, Google controls your destiny. If the company is really confident then it can build a proprietary system. Apple will try. LG tbought software expertise with Palm purchase from weakened and distracted HP and it did and is confident enough that its tvs will still be ahead of the pack. (Seems like HP will still play a role in the cloud services?) Cheap generic tv makers won't be able to copy for a while. And this could slow down 3rd party boxes Roku, Apple Tv from reducing tv's importance. Samsung is using Tizen for this purpose in its consumer tv's and is the leader in that open source alliance.
    The interesting question is after tv's what is LG's next webos focus? (not phones- their android phones are doing better now) Cars, appliances? Frig actually makes sense as a smart device. It's expensive, an energy hog, and expensive enough that throwing in a cpu and memory won't be noticed immediately. (no toasters yet).
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
    Washington Post confirms all the LG new 5 OLED models will run webOS

    CES 2014: LG to announce five OLED TVs - The Washington Post
    OLED TVs? Ewww! They better have better color settings than the OLED phones. But then, the average consumer will just accept it.

    -- Sent from my Palm Pre3 powered by webOS
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    I've been doing some reading about the home automation industry and it seems it is very proprietary right now with companies (like Staples and Lowes for e.g.) marketing stand alone control boxes that communicate with the home automation devices (lighting equipment etc). If you buy into one system, you are locked into only that equipment.

    If LG can sell tvs into the home with the add-on being a home automation controller that will work with all open source devices, this could get interesting as the consumer would not have to make decisions between closed systems and would not to buy yet another box.
    LG would need to make money off the services aspect so the consumer could stay up to date on the software without having to buy new hardware every few years.
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    Renewed focus on Third Party Developer Participation (Enyo)

    Korea Times Search

    "“LG Electronics is using the Netcast 4.0 platform for our smart TV operating system. We need an improvement and that’s why we’ve decided to use the WebOS platform,” Hong said.

    LG’s connected TVs based on the WebOS operating system will run a dual-core 2.2-gigahertz processor with 1.5 gigabyte DRAM chips, and is said to allow multitasking functionality.

    The executive stressed that it is going to revive Palm/HP’s Enyo development efforts. Enyo is an open-source JavaScript framework for cross-platform applications.

    “LG Electronics will ask third parties to develop applications using Enyo and meetings about the issue are arranged at ICES,” said another LG official by telephone."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vistaus View Post
    Exactly. Esp. now that Netflix has started *expanding* its business to Europe last year (2013), it would be a dumb move from LG to not include Netflix.
    sony and netflix still cant manage to release netflix to European users for their vita (which is retarded as no new app is needed, the app the americans have works perfectly, just like theres 1 app for android/ipad, our ip/locations dictating what we see not the app) each blaming the other, so i have absolutely no faith in netflix pushing anything.
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    Check this out, let me know what you think.
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    So this article from Korea Herald says LG is going to demo chatting with the vacuum etc but does not tie this into webos or a central control box. As if consumers would let anyone come in to their house to chat with their dust busters, humph.

    Samsung, LG to showcase smart homes at CES
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