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    Hi Guys
    I am looking for an expert opinion, I am a proud owner of a pixi, a pre2 and a veer, and still hung on the original palm OS in order to sync with outlook, I am able to sync wonderfully with vista, but since I am about to go to windows 8 I started reading about the compatibily of hotsync manager, and everywhere I read it clearly stated that I was supposed to download the acceeca drivers and intall them blabla ...... so I downloaded a trial of windows 8 installed palm desktop, worked around the office by using Hex editor to change the 14 into 12, and then I hotsynched ....... and it worked without needing for any driver ........ is it normal, or am I supposed to expect a surprise when I will be buying a new laptop with an original Windows 8. please your advice would be very appreciated, I dont want to get stuck with a computer that doesn't sync with original Palm OS (well the classic application in my case)

    All answers are thanked and appreciated
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    I don't have Win8, but I can tell you that USB hotsync didn't work for my Treo 650 after I bought a new Win7 desktop 3+ years ago. I had to buy a USB Bluetooth dongle for the PC to enable Bluetooth hotsync (I suspect there were some setup details to that that I no longer recall).

    Win8 may work differently with USB hotsync, but if not, Bluetooth hotsync should still be an option for you.

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