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    Count me in, I haven't joined any groups yet and this seems a good place to start.

    I have two BBM Pins.
    My Personal Z10: 2AB121A1 (my choice of phone)
    My Work iPhone: 7bc2f37f (my shackle)

    Former Pre+, Pre2, Pre3 and Touchpad user.
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    Apparently the can be installed in my Touchpad with CM10.1, tested and able to get PIN successfully on first shot.
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    ok cool ill be adding all of you shortly my name is Matthew see you soon
    Verizon Pre 3. ATT HP Touchpad. Touchstone 2.
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    I don't actually know anyone with BBM, so here it goes :P 75541157
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    heeeeey! I'm living in Jamaica and i received my HP Touch pad on Wednesday...there are a few thinks i do not like and would like some help;

    1. 7digital Mp3 not allowing me to download only buy. Why?
    2. The games are lame on the touchpad. No temple run? no candy crush?...really?
    3. I cannot open any powerpoint documents and i cannot save any microsoft documents!

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