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    Quote Originally Posted by boovish View Post
    I dont get whats so bad about the NSA looking at your stuff. Like Father Comstock says A true patriot has nothing to fear from the government. All this paranoia about them de-encrypting your things is stupid.
    Governments change.
    Governments are composed of people.
    People are weak and fallible.
    People are corrupt and greedy.

    You neither would want some stranger on the street know about your mindset or sexual orientation, nor would you want your neighbour to know these or other things about your life.
    There is a reason, we have blends on the window. There is a reason people want a PRIVATE life.
    Heck, there is a reason that someone in a queue standing too close to you disturbs your privacy and makes you feel unconfortable.

    And all these things have nothing to do with criminal behaviour or such actions. It is perfectly normal and it's very healthy for EVERY human people to have their privacy. You need to have your own home, where you can seclude yourself, shut yourself off from society, calm down and center yourself. Imagine living in a plexiglass cage instead, would you feel comfortable?

    What I do in private is NO ONE's f-ing business, as long as I don't harm/endanger myself or someone else. My affairs as an Austrian, living in the center of europe, having no criminal record, working and living a good and healthy life are definitely NOT the business of some foreign state's security agency. It si NOT their business to know what I do. It's NOT their business to know what I like. It's NOT their business to know what I think. It's NOT their business to know how I practice my believes or my sexuality.
    It is simply NOT their business!
    And as peeping on other people through windows is a crime, so it should be for organisations to spy on people, violating all their freedoms in disrespect for human dignity!!

    And to tell me, that spying on me is helping the security of the US in any way is ridiculous to the max.

    oh, and I want to comment to the "true patriot" statement:
    A true patriot in Hitlers Germany would have had EVERY reason to be afraid, if he was jewish, gay, had the wrong believe or sad the wrong thing to a wrong person. And don't cheat yourself. Same goes for so many other states today, where people are in danger for their belives, thoughts or sexual orientation, whenever they express them or they become known.
    It must make us wary and sceptical, if a person strange to us, wants to know too many things about us. Why would anyone need so much information about us, if not to use them in some way? We have no influence and mostly we don't even know what they do with that information.
    That really doesn't make you distrustful?
    What if the government changes tomorrow? The data about you is still there. Who says it's not used against you all of a sudden, because the things you believe suddenly become unpopular with the people in power?

    Is that something you want to risk??
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    Quote Originally Posted by p41m3r View Post
    we dont know that for sure but as was mentioned, if vulnerabilities exist, they most certainly wont be fixed and thats worse than having a popular OS with holes. You'll be living proof that obscurity does not equate security.
    My comment was meant as a joke... Of course I know security by obscurity doesn't work.

    In fact most of us are using Google for syncing, email and contacts, THAT they already have access anyways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    My comment was meant as a joke... Of course I know security by obscurity doesn't work.

    In fact most of us are using Google for syncing, email and contacts, THAT they already have access anyways.
    This is so. NSA will already have their hooks in most if not all providers of Synergy services anyways.
    Regardless, I typicaly toggle my Pre 3's data off when i'm not using it, most of the time...

    ...and I remember that the KGB and Nazi Paty both used their own brands of "Patriotism" as excuses for placation and control as well. "Last refuge of the scoundrel" and all of that... Anybody remember? Bueller...?
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    They can tap into your PC, your services, your cellphone carrier data. Don't kid yourself using webOS is shielding you from their prying eyes. If they want it, they'll come get it. Period.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Remy X View Post
    Interesting. That sounds like the technology shares some of its underpinnings with Autotune, which also creates a different type of "voice signature", to help with the result sounding more natural and less robotic/vocoder-like.

    Of course, Autotune is a lot simpler, since it takes actual voice input, and never has to deal with various subtleties of speech. But a voice synthesizer is still a voice synthesizer.
    Yea, I think Autotune is far simpler even though Im not familiar with whatever other tech was used. From what I recall from about 5 or 6 years ago, the tech didnt seem like something in its infancy. If its synthesis, then its way advanced. If its some sort of phase vocoder or combination using stored input then its even more disturbing. Care to imagine what really happens to your Siri and Google search voice samples?
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