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    Here's an all call for photos of your Palm devices. Line 'em up and snap a picture!
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    I'm visiting my brother this weekend so I can't take any pictures of my devices right now, but my fleet of devices includes three webOS devices - an HP TouchPad, a Palm Pre 2, and an HP Pre 3.

    Other notable devices:
    Windows laptops: Asus VivoBook X202E (Windows 8), HP Pavilion g4-1215dx (Windows 7)
    Chromebooks: Samsung Chromebook XE303
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    Here's my collection, Palm and webOS devices.
    webOS-3 Pre3's. Pre2, Pre+, Pre-, Pixi+ and Veer, 16GB & 32GB TouchPad
    Palm-Kyocera 6035, 7135, Treo 600, 650, 700p, 755 and Centro.
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    My gadget list-TouchPad, Pre 3, Pre 2, Pre+, Pixi+, Treo 700p, Treo 650, Centro, Handspring, Kyocera 6035, 7135-all with Verizon.
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    Little Family - TP Topaz x 2. / Wifi. 4G. TP Opal x 1. / Wifi + 3G. Pre3. (add Veer). TS1 & TS2. BTKB.

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    Last edited by Mutoidi; 08/25/2013 at 08:14 AM.

    TP 32Gb 4G. 3.0.5 / CM10. ~ Pre3 16Gb GSM. 2.2.4. ~ TS2 BT Audio-Dock ~ HP iPaq. hx-2790b.
    TP 32Gb Wifi. 3.0.5 / CM10. ~ Veer (Wht.) 8Gb GSM. 2.2.4. ~ HP Omen-15-5206tx. 256Gb SSD. i7-O/C@3.39Ghz. Win10.
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    My webOS collection consists of a Pre back cover and a Touchstone, as odd as it may be.
    m505 > Z|71 > T|C > T|T3 > LifeDrive > iPod touch 4 >
    Pre 2 > Treo Pro > Aria > Treo 650 > Lumia 920 > BB Z10 > BB Q10
    Lumia 830 > 635 > iPhone 5s > Galaxy Alpha > Lumia 640 >
    iPhone 5c > Nexus 5 > Nexus 5X > Blackberry Priv
    My Palm OS Archive
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    Quote Originally Posted by xandros9 View Post
    My webOS collection consists of a Pre back cover and a Touchstone, as odd as it may be.
    Haha. Remnants of days gone by...
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    I still hoard my 2 pre 3s, 4 pre 2s, 1 pre and 2 Touchpads!
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    Mine is nothing very special... a VZW Pre+ and a 16GB WiFi Touchpad
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    Here is just my phones, I used one of my 3 touchpads to shoot the photo. The 2nd touchpad my son was playing pokemon on, and my 3rd one I have in a sealed never opened box... Top row left to right pixi+ (With touchstone back) Veer blk, Veer Wht, Pre-(custom GSM, with touchstone back), pre+, pre2.
    Bottom row pre3 x3.
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    I don't think I have a wide enough angle lens to get them all :-S
    Remove Messaging Beeps patch for webOS 3.0.5, Left/Right bezel gestures in LunaCE,
    Whazaa! Messenger and node-wa, SynerGV 1 and 2 - Google Voice integration, XO - Subsonic Commander media streamer, AB:S Launcher
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    Quote Originally Posted by eblade View Post
    I don't think I have a wide enough angle lens to get them all :-S
    I think it would be hilarious to see that kind of picture. I think it would ALSO be hilarious imagining you trying to boot them all up so you can snap the picture with the screens all on! A lot easier for guys like me who own only 5! (Almost 6...about to buy another TP!)
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    i dont have as wide a selection as others unfortunatly, also didnt bother snapping accessories, i only have TP keyboard and TS and pre3 TS as extras.

    ....the basics.
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    Touchpad Keyboard Themes - >> Click Me <<
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    Quote Originally Posted by Remy X View Post
    Mine is nothing very special... a VZW Pre+ and a 16GB WiFi Touchpad
    Actually, i've got two phone touchstones and a Touchpad touchstone and the bluetooth keyboard

    Didn't think anyone cared about the accessories
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    Took this a while back. Didn't feel like moving the TP Touchcstone or finding the BT keyboard.. This is my Palm device evolution, with the Treo 800 on the far left next to the wife's Pixi. Oh, and that's my first smartphone on the far left - the PPC6700. The three Pre's at the bottom are all parts devices.

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    so right to left thats my:

    - sprint Pre (lucky #7) 1.4.5
    - oem unlocked Pre2 (backup host body) 2.1.0
    - VZN Pre2 (1st franken, cracked) 2.2.4
    - sprint FrankenPre2 (my DD with #7's comm board) 2.2.4
    - TP32 3.0.5
    - Palm Z22 (my last PDA to still hold charge)
    - ATT unlocked Veer 2.1.2
    - "the Impostah" Nex7 (with webOS theme) 4.4.2

    it was fun to display the appropriate oem wallpapers. they make me want one of each remaining model. hp's webOS home page was one of the last things they styled nicely (the carousel). it wasnt easy getting a good shot with them all lit but unlocked! haha... silly phone obsession... padded cell plz...
    Last edited by TJs11thPre; 01/06/2014 at 01:48 AM. Reason: yay! fixed
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    Quote Originally Posted by TJs11thPre View Post
    why is it i can't post an img in this thread, but i just tested in another thread and it posts ok?

    Click to view quoted image

    is the image i'm trying to post. posts fine elsewhere, just not in this thread.
    Oh so now I have to get all my boxes out too eh?
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    I would have to get my 2 Sprint Pre (-) back from my stepdaughter and her husband.

    I will try to work on it:
    - 2 x Sprint Pre (-)
    - ATT Veer
    - EU GSM Pre 3
    - ATT Pre 3
    - 2 x 16GB wifi TPs
    - ATT 32GB 4G TP
    - 16GB LTE TP Go
    - 16GB TP Go running Gingerbread 2.3.1

    - GNex with latest openwebOS image

    Two pucks; one TP stand charger.
    This space for rent or lease. Inquire within.
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    Here is mine

    Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
    Verizon Pre 3. ATT HP Touchpad. Touchstone 2.
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    Oh I want a 4G TouchPad...
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    hopefully a year from now i am re-updating my pic to include a webOS tv!

    well i dont expect to be able to do that myself. but someone here must!! LOL
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